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Political Activist, Prisoner,President

1962,Nelson Mandela was arrested,
sent to prison for protest and sabotage
against injustice of Apartheid.
Even after his freedom was denied,
to make things better he still tried.

Many a note and many a book he wrote
to help the cause and change the laws.
He never gave up,had to drink from dirty cup.
Harsh treatment for sure a lot of suffering
he had to endure.

Captors never broke his spirit,body or mind.
He is a true hero of our time.
He said, “There is no such thing as part freedom.”

 It must be complete to enjoy all 3 life,liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness.

1990,Mandela released after 27 years.
by South African president De klerk.
Those that loved him cried countless tears.
Returned as a leader for equality and
continued the fight for freedom in a peaceful way.
1993,De klerk and Mandela brought an end to apartheid,
A major accomplishment it will forever stay.
They earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was a wonderful surprise.

1994,Mandela is elected president !
From prisoner to first black president an incredible
journey full of hope for all mankind through faith and destiny.

Lift every voice and sing,
and let the bells of freedom ring !

It goes to show what one can achieve
if they truly believe.
Some are born to greatness,
some have it thrust upon them.
What is meant to be will be.
Some are taken from the bottom,
some are taken from the top shelf.
One can not run away from thyself.
Sometimes it is not enough to get away,
One must show others the way.
He married three times,
His eldest son died from aides,
He forgave a lot of those that committed crimes.

Dec. 5 2013,Nelson Mandela passed away at age 95
from pneumonia.   A courages fighter to the end.
The likes of which we may never see again.
Sadness has besect.
People from all over the world,the first black US President,
Others with power and without came to pay their respect.
The great man is no longer with us.
Ashes to ashes,dust to dust.
He is gone,but his achievements will live on forever
and a day,come what may.

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