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Running away from the dark

Running Away
The Dark
By Crissy Done

Shadowed by the sun,
We hunt at night.
Never can we see
The beauty of light.
We are vampires,
Cunning, beautiful and divine,
After dark you will be mine.

Crissy Done

Chapter 1

I was alone. For the first time but not the last. I observed my new surroundings to find I was in the middle of a big city. Smoke rose from the factories like ghosts rising from their graves. I shuddered and looked behind me. It was filthy. But I was already accustomed to that from my previous life. It was raining and I was in the middle of a foul ally. Garbage overflowed the beaten up cans like an erupting volcano. I slunked down to the ground and sat. For what seemed like hours I listened to the hypnotizing sound of raindrops hitting the garbage cans. Why I was here I knew, but what I will do I didn’t.

“Hey! Who are you!” shouted an old man dressed in various articles of clothing.

His hair was white and wrinkles deeply scared his old tired face. I was afraid so I didn’t respond.
In an instant he grabbed an old iron bar and swiftly lunged toward me. I had no strength; my long journey exhausted me. I didn’t care if he hit me; I wanted to sleep. Sleep until I couldn’t sleep anymore. Then I saw a flash of silver, and then it was black.


I awoke in what I thought was morning. The rain had stopped and surprisingly it was what humans would call a beautiful day.
The bright sun burned my eyes. I slowly tried to get up but I couldn’t.
The pain in my head was unbearable. It felt as if a hammer was beating my head.
I reached up and felt a lump slowly getting bigger on the top left of my head.
I looked at my hand to find dried blood. Before I could notice it I heard whispering behind me.
I quickly turned around to find a whole crowd staring at me and whispering to each other.
I couldn’t blame them, imagining how horrible I must have looked.
Without thinking I ran as fast as I could past them. I ran until it felt as if my head was splitting open and my legs were turning into noodles.
I slowed down and gasped for air. I turned to my right to find a face staring back at me.
Wisps of hair fell into his blood-shot tired eyes. There was dirt smeared all over his face and dried blood covered the left of his face.
The only thing you could actually see where his eyes. Bright blue circles that seemed to glow stared back at me.
Two scars were visible on his neck. The boy looked like a corpse.
Then I realized it was my reflection.

Chapter 2

I found an ally much like the previous one and decided to stay there.
Carefully, I leaned against the wall and sat down. I didn’t know what to do.
Where could I go? Where could I hide? What was going to happen to me?
He probably already found my trail. He could be lurking around the corner…
I shook my head and tried to remain positive. Don’t lose your nerve, I thought.
Think of something, you can beat him. Even I didn’t believe myself.
He could find me in an instant. Escapees were always found….
While thinking I slowly drifted off to sleep. I dreamed I was lying on the colorful ground of a forest.
Darkness pierced my surroundings like a sharp dagger. I looked up to see millions of gleaming dots in the inked sky. Then, I felt the familiar chill run down my spine. He was close; I could smell him. The same crisp smell of smoke and pepper stung my nose. I had to hide. Meeting him would mean instant death. I swiftly jumped to my feet and sprinted into the brush. It became darker as I dashed by blurred trees. All of the sudden I tripped over a root and fell face first on the hard ground. Pain surged through my ankle and head. A large rock seemed to beat my head as my ankle felt as if it was being twisted into a large knot. I wallowed in pain until I smelt him once again. The scent was even stronger than before. The sound of crunching leaves reached my ears. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t think. It was as if he was killing me already. Then a large shadow appeared through the brush in front of me. A tall man with fiercely glowing green eyes stepped forward. The silver moon illuminated the familiar face. An evil grin spread from his lips. Sharp incisors gleamed in the moonlight. Knowing what was to happen, I became paralyzed. I couldn’t fight him, I was too weak. I couldn’t beat thousands of years of experience. I was too small; too scared…Then he reached for his prize and sunk sharp teeth into my neck. I gasped as the draining continued. I couldn’t breath. Everything started to gyrate, like a whirlpool. Faster and faster the sky spun until everything was a blur. Then I woke up.

A mournful howl of a wolf shattered the night silence. I woke up with a feeling of panic and sweat trickling down my face. The dream was just like I remembered it. That was how I became what I am. I had no desire to become a servant of the night. Four hundred years have passed, and I am exactly how I was before I became a vampire. I was sixteen then. I’ll be sixteen forever.
I saw my silver blonde hair through the corners of my eyes as I held my head down. I had to think. Where should I go? I speculated. I was restless and bothered by the fact that I had no plan. I got to my feet and started to walk through the profaned city. I walked for hours until I reached the edge of the city. Dark forests and solitude awaited me. I decided to stay in the forest for a while. It seemed more comforting, more peaceful. I reached the woods and slowly walked in. A feeling of relief spread through my body. Home, I thought. I walked in a little further until I felt satisfied with my surroundings. I chose a clearing in the middle of the woods. I slowly sat down and pressed my back against a tree. The velvet sky pierced through the branches and the glow of stars seemed to light up the gloomy night. I rested my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep, feeling settled for the first time in months.

Chapter 3

Yellow patches of light made its way through the branches and onto my face. Lazily, I opened my eyes to find it was morning. Rubbing my eyes I stretched next to the tree like a cat. I had a good sleep; therefore I wanted to sleep more. But I still got up anyway, knowing I didn’t have time to rest. I felt extremely weak and drained once I reached my feet. I have to feed, I thought. Now that I thought about it I forgot when I last fed. I had to wait until dark to get my energy back. Meanwhile I had to find a suitable victim from the city. Before I left the clearing I swiftly slashed the tree I slept on with my nails, marking my territory. I reached the edge of the dark forest and stepped into the bright light of the sun. It was a good thing I was wearing my long black coat or else I would’ve gotten sunburned. I covered my eyes with my hand and ran towards the city.
A large building over-shadowed me as I walked along the sidewalk. I stopped in front of the building and walked in. Quickly, I rushed to the human male’s bathroom and stepped inside. I made my way to the mirrors and sinks. I looked at myself in shock. I had never looked this bad before, not even after a fight. The lump from the old man had vanished, which I expected. Without thinking I splashed water on my face and hair. I saw dirt and blood swirl down the drain. Seeing the water turn clear, I looked at myself in the mirror. My pale skin was visible and my hair was a silver blonde again. I looked much better. However, I still had tired eyes and a thin face from not feeding. I left the bathroom and walked out of the building, continuing my walk.
I saw a variety of people walking along the streets, each of them easy prey. As I was walking, I saw a group of humans dressed in black with many silver piercings and black stuff caked onto their faces. Idiots, I thought. You want to be a servant of the night? I’ll gladly switch places. Growing weaker, I stopped next to the odd group and closed my eyes. I was getting dizzy and hungrier by the second. But I still had to wait until night came. Suddenly, I heard a voice beside me.
“Hey, nice coat,” said a voice. I jumped up and quickly turned around. A girl from the odd group had come over. She had long ebony hair, which nicely framed her face. Black eyeliner surrounded her hazel eyes and dark lipstick covered her lips. I guessed she was sixteen, judging by her features.
“Oh, um thanks,” I replied hastily. She’s the one, I judged. After picking my prey I used my technique that I have been using for the last four hundred years. Before I could say anything she spoke once more.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Well, my name is Natalie. Who are you?” she asked. I noticed a hint of interest she had for me.
“It’s Daren, nice to meet you,” I ingeniously said.
“Nice to meet you too, Daren. Well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me and my friends,” inquired Natalie.
“You seem pretty nice, Why not?” I said with a sly smirk spreading across my face.
Natalie slightly blushed and led the way towards her friends. I was introduced to the group and immediately accepted. We hung out until most of the group turned in for the day. Finally, it was just me and my prey.
“Hey, would you mind staying with me for a little longer? I’m not tired,” I innocently asked. It was dark; signaling it was about time to feed.
“I guess,” answered Natalie. “I’m not tired either.”
“I know a place we can stay for a while. Follow me,” I ordered. We walked to the edge of the city and to the woods. Natalie was talking a whole bunch of rubbish and I paid no attention to her. I was focusing on her neck. I could barley see a big vein through her pale, soft skin. I could imagine how sweet she must taste. For a long time I stared at her neck, not noticing she was talking to me. All of the sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder and I snapped out of my trance.
“W-what?” I stuttered. I had noticed that we had reached the clearing in the woods.
“Did you hear a word I was saying?” asked Natalie, clearly angry.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are at night,” I answered coolly. I knew she was flattered by the way she looked at me.
“Well anyway I said there was claw marks on this tree. I think it was from a wolf or something.” Natalie had pointed to the marks I had made earlier, before I left. If only she knew who really did it.
Natalie had her back turned, facing the tree. Now’s my chance, I decided. I quickly appeared behind the girl and grabbed her waist. Before she could scream, I swiftly had my hand over her mouth. Without hesitation, my incisors grew sharper and longer. I pierced her neck and began to feed. I was right, she is sweet, I thought. I felt an incredible power surge through my veins, giving me more power than I already possessed. Before I could kill her I stopped and threw my head in the air. I sighed with delight and satisfaction. I felt great. Carefully, I picked the girl up and appeared at her home. I stepped into her bedroom threw the open window and placed her on her bed. I felt her pulse slowly beating, signaling she would live. I silently said goodbye and appeared back in the dark forest. I felt like myself again. I leaned against the same tree and closed my eyes. I could have drunk more, but I didn’t believe in killing kind people.

Chapter 4

“Come on! It’s right over there! She shouted. Her long golden hair gently blew in the wind as she ran towards the cliff. She had already reached the edge when I arrived. She smoothly turned her golden head and looked at me thoughtfully. Her beautiful brown eyes gave off warmth and kindness. “Hurry up! She beckoned to me. I rushed to her side and sat next to her. The smell of crisp apples filled my nose. I refreshing sea breeze hit my face and I drew in the smell. I closed my eyes and sighed. I turned around and saw that she had done the same thing. She opened her soft hand and I took it. There the sun gracefully set behind the sea. Slowly, stars where beginning to show and we remained there. She rose from her position and I followed her movements.
“Alysha, I think I need to tell you something,” I said nervously. This was it. I was going to admit my love for her. Words couldn’t express what she meant to me. It was a joy just to see her. Before I could say anything, she took my hand.
“Goodbye, Daren,” she whispered. A pearly tear rolled down her sad face. Suddenly her hands became as cold as ice. It was not the usual warm and soft hand I touched before. She let go of my hand and turned around. Suddenly, she jumped off the cliff and plunged into the sea. I watched in terror as I saw her fall down. She looked like a fallen angel, her beautiful white dress flowing in the air. Suddenly the beauty stopped as she reached the end of her flight.
“ALYSHA!ALYSHA!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I fiercely grabbed my hair and fell to my knees. “NO!” I felt a lump in my throat and a sting at the corner of my eyes. I didn’t have time to tell her how I felt. I felt as if I was going mad. I couldn’t take it. “Alysha….”


“…Why did you leave me?!” I awoke to hear my own voice being carried out by the night. My face was wet with tears. I calmed down and faced the somber sky. Then, my sadness turned to fury. “Curse you Tanek,” I hissed. He was the reason I was in the woods with Rahzel hunting me down. He was the reason everyone thinks me a coward. It was he…
It happened about a year ago, when I had felt comfortable and happy. I had met a human female by the name of Alysha. She was to be my prey, but at the end of the day I thought she was interesting. So the next day I saw her again. And again. And again. Until I could figure it out myself, I had fallen in love with a human. She captured me like no other female I encountered. She was funny, spontaneous, brave, kind, beautiful, etc…I could make an endless list. One night, Alysha and I were sitting by the ocean (her favorite place) until I had to spill my emotions. I started to say something, but I didn't have the courage to finish my sentence. So we spent the rest of the night together, like we always did. The very next morning, I had found out she had been killed by Tanek, Rahzel’s younger brother. In a fit of total rage I had killed Tanek by decapitation, the only way a vampire could die. Once Razel found out it was I who had done the deed he wanted me dead along with his brother. Rahzel was the one who gave me immortality, or as he says “the gift.” I never wanted to become a vampire so I never liked him in the first place. Rahzel has been hunting me ever since. I would give Tanek’s and Rahzel’s heads for a day with Alysha. Maybe I will someday.

Chapter 5

My anger had prevented me from getting sleep. To calm myself, I decided to leave this place and be on my way. I had started walking not knowing where I was to go. The night had welcomed me with open arms. Shadowed by the night, I slipped out of the forest unseen like ghost. The night was calm but an occasional ruffle of leaves broke the unusual silence. I had walked about a mile until I sensed something. I began to shake as the familiar scent of smoke and pepper once again filled my nostrils. Without hesitation, I sprinted through the darkness. Fear overcame every inch of my body. I fought the urge to yell so I wouldn’t be found. It felt as if the blood flowing in my veins had turned to ice. I turned my head to see if he was following me, but nobody was there. I whipped my head back to find a pair of fiercely glowing green eyes staring back at me.

Chapter 6

I yelled and fell backward. I had been so careless. He was in front of me all along waiting for me to come to him. My fear had had complete control over me.
“So Daren, didn’t think I’d find you?” growled Rahzel. He stood there towering over me, like some kind of God. “Did you think I forgave you for killing my brother!” he roared. He had taken a step towards me, scratching my face with his animal-like claws. I quickly stood up and brushed the slowly flowing blood from my face. My fear had turned to anger.
“Your brother was a stupid prat who deserved to die,” I hissed. Rahzel’s glowing eyes narrowed as a look of pure fury spread over his face. It was then that I realized I had said a stupid thing.
As quick as a bolt of lightning, Rahzel lunged toward me with both fists balled up. I closed my eyes and accepted that he was going to beat me into a bloody pulp. I braced myself for the blow. Nothing came. I waited for a few more seconds until I opened my eyes. The bright sun burned my eyes. An incredible wave of heat had slapped my face. I felt the ground beneath me. It was sand. Then I saw two familiar faces staring at me.

Chapter 7

“Hey Daren, how’ve ya been man?” asked a familiar deep voice. I felt a hard punch on my shoulder as he talked.
“Keir, I think he’s dead,” said another familiar high-pitched voice. My sight had came into focus and I realized who the voices belonged to. It was Keir and Kali, friends I had for nearly three hundred years. I saw Keir’s tanned face and dark eyes study me. His rusty colored hair gleamed in the bright sun. Just as I remembered him. He reminded me of King Tut by his facial features. Then there was little Kali, Keir’s twin sister. She also had a tanned face with dark almond shaped eyes. Her dark hair hung on my face like a curtain. They had come from ancient Egypt, making them way older and also more into the year 2000 than myself. I couldn’t believe they found me.
“YO! DAREN! WAKE UP!” whooped Keir, right in my ear. I swiftly got up and rubbed my head.
“Oh Daren, you’re alive! I’ve missed you so much!” cried Kali. She fell into my arms and gave me a very, very tight hug.
“I-I’ve missed you too Kali,” I squeaked. I took in a deep breath as she released me from her death grip. Then I guessed Keir had jumped on my back and yelled in my ear once more.
“I thought I’d never see you again! I missed ya man!” he gave me a hard pat on the shoulder and hopped of my broken back.
“Hey Keir, I missed both of you,” I said, feeling a surge of joy. “How did you find me?” I asked.
“Well, we followed Rahzel hopping we’d find you before he did and I guess we did because we found you before he got you so following Rahzel wasn’t a bad idea because you would have been dead if it wasn’t for us and Keir said this was a bad idea but it wasn’t because you’re here and Rahzel isn’t therefore-
Keir had put his hand over Kali’s mouth, hopping she would shut up. Kali had the tendency to talk, and talk, and talk and…
“Anywise, why are we in a desert?” I asked. I was getting hot and thirsty from the sun burning me.
“Oh, we thought that this would be the last place Rahzel would look for you so it’s safe,” responded Keir, letting go of Kali. “I know you’re burning in that jacket so let’s go somewhere else. As Keir said that we where automatically transported to their house.

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