FOREVER MY LOVE | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Lost Love Bookmark and Share



Good morning my dear.
You slept well it seems.
I am the one you made love to
in your dreams.

During the day I am never far away.
Some times,at night I lay beside you.
I give gentle kisses and carress,this is true.

I must always leave at sun rise,
before you open your eyes.
From afar I watch you make your way down a crowded street.
My love is with you through every heart beat.

It would be so good if it could be the way it should.
However, this thing must always be between us no matter how much I fuss.
Play the music box and think of
 I do love you,truly.   

From time to time I can come to you,and keep you safe,
but I can not stay.
It is not meant to be that way.
Even though we are now in two different worlds our love will never die.This they can not denie.
You and me are soulmates forever intwined for eternity.

Destiny brought us together and fate tore us apart.
Some where in time we will get a new start.
Dry your tears my love.
We will be together again in the next one.
No matter how it seems,we will never be quite done.
Just think hard on me,and in your dreams I will be.

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