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Tammys Story

Tammy’s Story



By Laura Dawn


ã 2012, Laura Dawn









"May Day, May Day, May Day!"



Those were the first words I heard him say.


"This is November 975 calling Richmond Field, May Day, May Day."


I responded, "November 975 this is Richmond field state the nature of your emergency."


"This is November 975 I have lost engine oil pressure my starboard engine has seized and is on fire, I expect my port engine will do the same. If I can make the field I will have to do a dead stick landing. Have fire and rescue standing by."


"Roger 975 will do and good luck!"


I’m a cowgirl working at an airport. About a year ago I was moving up the standings on the Rodeo circuit. Everyone said I road pretty good (for a girl). That was my life’s ambition to go on the rodeo circuit as a pro. There are not that many pro girl riders. And everything was going my way until the accident. I was riding a horse that I didn’t know a thing about. It didn’t feel right but I went anyway. Out the shoot and the horse bucked just like he was supposed to do. Suddenly he turned and slammed me up against the gate. I screamed like a girl, I was hurt but I didn’t know how badly. I grabbed the reins with both hands if I went down now he would trample me. I waited for the safety rider’s to come along side, the rider grabbed me around the waist and pulled me off the horse, I screamed again. They laid me down as easily as they could and we waited for the ambulance. My hip was broken and my leg in two places. I still walk with a slight limp. I needed a job and they were looking for someone to run this little airport, a girls gotta eat.


I ran to the fire truck and put on my fireman suit, which was about three sizes too big. I started the fire truck and open the garage door. I looked out and I could see him coming. Both engines were on fire and trailing smoke. I know how serious the situation was but as I looked I couldn’t help it, I thought to myself "This is going to be cool!" I pulled our little fire truck out and prepared to aid the best way I could.


I say little fire truck because although it looked like a fire truck it was only about the size of a pick-up. The elementary school kids love coming here for field trips to see the little fire truck.


He was preparing to land and it looked like he was going to make it. As he got closer I could see that only one of his landing gear was down. Fear started to grip me. I was afraid for his life and my ability to save him. He touched down and held the plane up as long as he could. The wing touched the runway and the plane started spinning and tore off the other gear. He was going around and around. There were sparks and fire everywhere, Oh God Help Me! The plane came to a rest almost right in front of me. I pulled up close and jumped out and grabbed the hose. I remembered my training save the pilot. I had the water stream on a wide spray; he crawled out of the emergency hatch and started towards the back of the plane. I guess the water made it a bit slick because he took about two steps and fell off the side of the plane, I giggled. I was narrowing the water stream to put out the fire but I was having trouble holding the hose steady. I saw him run around the plane. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and we walked to one engine and then the other and put out the fire. We shut off the water you could hear the water dripping and the steam rising. I looked at him; he at me, we both looked like drowned rats. He said, "Is there a motel around here" and we both started laughing. But I stopped suddenly as I was looking him over (ok he wasn’t that bad looking) I noticed his pants were ripped and there was blood. I said, "Your hurt!"


"That’s just a scratch I hit the antenna when I fell off the plane."


That was no scratch, I raced to my truck throwing off fire gear as I ran. Get in I yelled and headed to my place. I got him in my house and to the bathroom. "Take your pants off," he just stood there. "Oh for pete’s sake I have four brothers take off your pants or I’m going to take them off of you." Now picture this, I’m a little blond girl about five two and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. He looked to be about five ten or eleven, 150 pounds of muscle with dark wavy hair (not bad). So I puffed myself up as big as I could get and put on the sternest face I could to let him know I was serious! It worked he did what he was told and sat down and I started cleaning his leg, it was about six inches long and deep. The Doc sure picked a fine time to be gone. I still had my equipment from my horses and I had to do something. I got out the staple gun and looked him in the eyes and said this is going to hurt! I got him closed and bandaged. He didn’t make a sound, I don’t know how tuff he was but I suspect he didn’t want to cry in front of the little blond girl. I got him to the sofa and made him as comfortable as I could. I gave him two aspirins and a shot of rot gut whiskey. He downed them both in one gulp. I know he was hurting but Doc would not be back until Monday and there was nothing more I could to do.


"My name is Matthew call me Matt." "I’m Tammy call me Tammy," he gave me a little pity laugh (ok if I was a good comedian I wouldn’t be working at an airport). I made him some hot tea and chicken noodle soup. "I’m not hungry," he said. "Eat it or I’m going to hold your nose and pour it down your throat." He looked at me kinda funny but he ate it. We had a little small talk while we ate. I asked him what happened.


"The oil pressure just dropped, then one engine failed and caught fire and the other wasn’t far behind, I thought I was a goner."


"Were you scared?"


"I didn’t have time I was too busy flying what was left of the airplane hoping that it didn’t blow up."


That’s how the conversation went the rest of the evening. It’s bedtime and I went and got him a pillow and blanket. Goodnight, goodnight and thanks! I smiled at him and he smiled back. I lay in my bed with the door closed and thought this the first time I have gone to bed with my door closed. Then it occurred to me that I didn’t know a thing about this guy, he might be a mass murderer. I laid awake awhile.


What’s that noise? Someone is in my house, a burglar! I jumped out of bed and grabbed my baseball bat. I turned and noticed the door closed and it hit me, its him. After last night I was still not comfortable. I opened the door slowly to the smell of coffee and bacon and eggs. I put the bat down mass murderers don’t make breakfast. I peeked into the kitchen and he was standing at the stove stirring eggs. He was wearing a pair of cut off jeans shorts, very short shorts and a T-shirt. I noticed his very cute butt. Then I realized we didn’t get his stuff from the plane, he cut off his jeans, he wore what he had. He saw me.


"Hello sleepy head I thought I would make breakfast want some coffee?"


"I would love a cup, you know a girl could get use to this."


"With the right guy," he said.


What was that, some kind of innuendo?


"Hey what are you doing up get back on that sofa right now. I’ll bring breakfast in there, now go."


"Yes Mom!"


He wobbled back to the sofa and gingerly sat down. I could tell he was in a lot of pain. I felt so bad for him I just wanted to hug him and tell him it was all right. We had small talk while we ate, until I mentioned that I was going to make a run to the store and to the plane and get his stuff.


"Do you want anything?"


"Yes, do you have a grill?"


"No I don’t."


"Well let me give you some money, pick up some steaks and a grill and everything else we might need, and I mean it I’m going to be here for a few days."


He reached into his wallet and pulled out three one hundred dollars bills. I almost passed out. I hadn’t seen three hundred dollars in one place for a long time. And as for steak, man it’s been awhile, do they still make those from cows? I got changed and started out the door.


"You know where everything is, the kitchen, bathroom, remote and oh yea my underwear is in the top drawer on the left and smiled."


He said, "The day I look at your under wear you will still be in them," and smiled.


He shocked me I didn’t know what to say so I just turned and closed the door, although he made me smile and I got all tingly. The rest of the weekend we talked and watched TV. He works for an oil company.


"I go around and do survey’s, check up on things, what ever they want. I really enjoy it, I get to fly I’m my own boss to a point but it’s a good life."


I told him my story, he was sorry I couldn’t ride anymore. This guy is sharp I have to keep an eye on him. He was easy to talk to and I felt comfortable and safe around him. Ok I know that I had known him for only 24 hours but he was either a really nice guy or a con man. If he was a con man he wasn’t very good because I’m broke. Sunday came and he was running a low-grade fever, I gave him some aspirin. We talked till dark when there was a knock at the door.


It was the Doc. "I understand you got a sick fella here, the way you sounded on my answer machine I figured I better get over here before he died."


He examined my handy work and said he couldn’t have done any better. "Son, are you in any pain?" Matt looked at me then the Doc and smiled. Doc looked at me and then him and smiled. He reached into his bag and pulled out two bottles. He told him when and how much to take and come see him in a week. He turned to me and said, "You going to be ok here?"


"I’ll be fine he’s just a stray I brought home but I haven’t decided if I going to keep him or not."


Doc smiled and said, "See ya next week" and left.


The week went by fast. I had to go back to work and everybody wanted to know about the wreaked airplane. I told the story a hundred times; it got better the more I told it. It was the talk of the town. I thought of him often, I told myself it was because I care. I would call him to see how he was doing. "re you all right; is there anything you want?"


"No, but its boring without you here." There goes that tingle again.


"Ok," I said "I’ll be home about five, see ya bye."


One time I actually sighed when I hung up, I’m loosing my mind. The Doc took out the staples and bandaged his leg. You can get out some but take it easy, I don’t want you over doing it.


"Oh I won’t let him Doc, I may not be able to ride but I can still rope." We all laughed.


"You bring him back here in another week and we will see how it goes."


"Ok Doc" and we left.


That night we decided to have steaks for dinner. I took care of the potatoes while he assembled the grill. He came in after a while and announced, "Me make fire." I had some boy friends over the years but they didn’t work out. Was this just wishful thinking? I wasn’t sure? We had some fun but he hasn’t made any real advances, if fact I’m not sure I want him too, I’m so confused!


The next week was about the same. We would talk and take jabs at each other and laugh. I took him around town and everyone wanted to talk to him. He was kind of a hero around here, not much happens here. Everything was about the same until Thursday night. We decided to cook barbecue chicken on the grill. We were getting the chicken ready for the grill when he said, "We don’t want to get sick let’s wash our hands." I was standing at the sink I poured some dish soap in my hands and started rubbing them together. He stepped up behind me and reached around me and was washing my hands with his. He was pressed against me; there’s that damn tingle again. I didn’t know washing hands could be so sexy? We washed them for a while way beyond clean. I could feel his breath on my neck, is it getting hot in here? He stepped back grabbed a towel and started drying. I turned and looked him in his eyes, neither of us blinked. He handed me the towel and picked up the chicken and walked outside. What just happened? The rest of the week was uneventful. We hung around town; people would come up and say "Hi". We both had to tell the story over and over again.


Monday came, and back to the Doc’s. "It looks real good son just don’t pick at it, leave it alone."


"Am I allowed to go out and do things now, the warren over there would not let me out of her site."


"Yes go out have fun just don’t play football or anything like that, ok!"


"Ok Doc I get the picture, thanks again."


We got home and started making lunch.


Matt said, "Is there anything to do around here? Where do you guy’s go to have fun?"


"Well there is an amusement park about an hour’s drive from here."


"Great lets go tomorrow!"


"Ok but I decide what you can ride or not, that’s the conditions."


"Ok Mom!"


I know it’s only been three weeks but I was really falling for the guy. My head says don’t do this you have been hurt before. My heart says guys like this don’t fall out the sky everyday.


I got up the next morning and started breakfast he was still asleep. I washed up some left over dishes and looked out the window. I saw my truck sitting there, oh no, I wasn’t sure it would make it. I was going to have to tell him that we would have to cancel, he was going to be disappointed. He woke up and came in and made himself a cup of coffee. Matt I need to talk to you. "What is it baby?"


Did he just call me baby? "I’m sorry we can’t go I don’t think my truck can make it, I’m so sorry!"


"Don’t worry about it I’ll think of something."


Think of something, what’s he going to do he doesn’t know anybody here? He has surprised me several times I’ll just sit back and watch. After breakfast we did the dishes and he said, "Let’s go."


"Go where?"


"Your truck will make it to town right?"


"Well yes!"


"Ok we will start there, let’s go."


I drove us into town down Main Street.


Pull into there, he was pointing at a car dealership. So I pulled in.


"Wait here I’ll be right back."


What was he doing? He was talking to the guys inside and pointing at a beautiful red pick-up on the floor. About 15 minutes went by and the guys inside were opening the big glass doors of the show room, out drove the red truck. He comes back to the car and said, "Let’s go we are taking this truck." How in the world did he do that? He jumped into the driver’s seat and off we went. I was so stunned I just sat there for about 10 miles, I didn’t know what to say.


"You ok," he asked?


"Yes I think so."


"Good which way do I go?"


I snapped out of it and looked around we were going in the right direction. A couple of times I was going to ask what he did, but I knew him enough that I didn’t think I would get a straight answer. Boy was that truck nice. It had everything, more buttons than the space shuttle, I didn’t know what most of them did. We got to the park it looked crowded, we were about 100 miles from the gates. Come on slow poke. He held out his hand and I took it and off we went running together towards the gates. As we approached the gates he slowed and stopped under a tree, he turned towards me and hugged me. I just want say thanks for everything, if I had to crash I’m glad it was here. Oh man oh man oh man what is happening here I’m having all these feelings, I loved being in his arms, I must be out of my mind. We had a great time at the park but I had to keep him reigned in. No you can’t ride the roller coaster, no you can’t ride the bumper cars, and you can ride the merry go round. We did and it was fun. We went down the mid-way and he tried to win me a stuff animal. We played and ate junk food all day. We rode the spook house ride. He put his arm around me and squeezed me close, I would scream and he would laugh. We had a blast; I can’t remember when I had so much fun.


"Come on Tammy please just the log ride, see it just floats along."


"Ok you have been a good boy today."


Our turn came and I was in the very front between Matt’s legs. I looked back to say something our faces inches apart. He was looking into my eyes but he wasn’t smiling. He moved towards me so I closed my eyes. And the log when over and down we went, splash! Around and around we went water flying everywhere we were soaked. We got off, he grabbed my hand pulled me along. He saw this path that went around the bushes to a small maintenance shed. He stopped and lifted me up and put me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around him as he kissed me like I had never been kissed before. He would kiss my hands, my neck, my eyes all the while saying that he loved me. This was nuts but I loved him too. Suddenly he stopped. "God I love you!"


"I love you too!" As tears ran down my face.


"How much do you love me?" What does he mean how much? I didn’t know what to say. "This much?" As he slowly pulled my left hand down where I could see it and there was a diamond ring on my finger. I screamed YES, YES, YES! Sometimes you just have to say "what the heck" and let fate decide your fortune. This guy came around the corner.


"What are you kids doing back here? Come on this is a restricted area get out."


We walked back to the truck hand in hand. This was crazy but I didn’t care I have never felt so good. We drove home I was awash with emotions, what a day! We went into the house everything looked different some how. I plopped down into the chair; he sat on the sofa across from me.


"Tammy I have to tell you something."


Oh God no! I started crying.


"Baby what’s wrong, it’s ok."


I have had three guys propose to me in my life. It was all "sweet" until they said they had to tell me something. The first guy was already married. The second was gay; we could have our own partners and the third would be out in 10 years with good behavior.


"So what’s your story, did you escape from a mental institution?"


"No I just wanted to tell you that oil company I work for, well I own it with my Father, I’m rich. I bought that truck today."


It was dark and comfortable, I was very peaceful I could hear this far off voice. "Baby, are you all right? Baby, baby open your eyes."


So I did and there he was holding my hand it wasn’t a dream. He looked worried so I said, "Kiss me" and he did. We went and saw the preacher the next morning and were married. We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii. That night while I was getting ready, I slipped out of my dress I looked over and he was watching my every move. I started towards the bathroom. Stop, turn around, keep going around.


"What are you doing?"


"I’m looking at your panties." Oh he’s good!


So girls that’s my story, that’s how I met my husband. So coffee’s at Dawn’s house next week so get your story straight.



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