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Don't Trust Marco!....Haily

Dad, I don’t want to move,” says Haily. “All my friends are here and I’ll miss them.” “Calm down Haily,” says her Dad. “It’s not that far.” They hop into the car and began the brief journey to the town fifteen miles away. “We’re here.” says Haily’s Dad after an hour. It took an hour because of the traffic. “Ok,” says Haily as she finishes her text. “Wow, it’s pretty.” “Why don’t you go explore while I finish up here.” says Haily’s Dad. “Cool, thanks Dad.” says Haily as she goes toward the woods. “Bing, Bing” goes her phone with a text. “Hey remember to tell me all about your new school.” “Ok.” Haily texts back. Then she puts her phone away. She goes into the woods and is striked how beautiful and serene everything is. She sits down to rest a bit. When she looks up she has a feeling someone is watching her. “Hello?” she whispers so as not to startle whoever it is. “Hello,” says a growly voice. “Oh, I didn’t know anyone else was out here,” says Haily. “Am I intruding?” she asks. “No, I just live quite close,” the boy says. “Ok, my name’s Haily, what’s yours?” she asks. “Marco,” the boy says, “And very nice to meet you Haily, very nice indeed.” says Marco. “Thanks I guess.” says Haily. “That was a little creepy though.” “Oh, sorry,” says Marco. “I’m just not used to talking to pretty girls.” Haily blushes. “Well you can talk to me.” says Haily. “Cool,” says Marco. “So, are you new here?” “Yes, says Haily , “I just came.” “Cool, want me to show you around tomorrow?” “Sure” says Haily.. “ Ok, gotta go, see you tomorrow.” Says Marco. “Ok, me too or my Dad will be worried.” says Haily and starts walking home.

“Dad?” she yells when she walks in. “Yes dear,” says her Dad from the living room. “Can I borrow the car?” she asks. “What for,” he says.  “So I can get an outfit for tomorrow.” “Ok, but be back by dinner.” “Thanks Dad.” Then she grabs the keys and drives the five minutes to the mall. When she gets there she looks at her watch. “Ah, man only an hour.” “Oh well I can make it.” Then she goes into the mall and starts looking around. “No, no, no, no, yes.” she says as she goes through the racks. Finally after half an hour she has an outfit. She looks at her watch and frowns. Five minutes. She pays for her outfit and rushes to the car. She hops in and drives home. “Yes, I made it.” She says as she closes the door behind her. “Is that you Haily?” Dad asks. “Yes.” “Ok dinner will be done shortly.” Her Dad responds. Haily rushes up stairs and starts experimenting with hair and makeup.

The next day Haily,s about to fix her hair for like the fifteenth time when the bus pulls up. “ I’ll fix it at school.” She thinks as she gets on the bus. But when she gets on she sees Marco. She discreetly puts her hand up to fix her hair. “Crud!” she yells as it pinches her and everyone laughs. She looks at Marco and sees he’s not laughing. “Huh, he’s nice.” She thinks and takes a seat. When she gets to the school she tries to find her locker. “Do you need help?” Marco asks. “Yeah thanks.” She says. They find her locker and she puts her stuff in. “Hey Haily do you want to hang out later?” “Sure.” She says and they head to class. All day Haily couldn’t wait until the end of the day. When the last bell rang she goes out to meet Marco. “Hey,” she says when she sees him. “Hey, let’s go.” He says and they walk to the woods. When they get there Marco gets on his hands and knees. “Ha, Marco what are you doing?” Haily laughs. “ Haily I have to tell you something.” He says. “I’m listening,” she giggles. “I’m a Warewolf.” And with that he jumps on her. That night the police find her in the woods. “Yes it looks like she was mauled.” Says the policeman. “ She told me she was hanging out with a friend.” Says Haily’s Dad. “Who?” asks the policeman. “Marco Swith.” “ That explains it, he’s a stranger Mr. Drake to everyone, don’t trust strangers especially not Marco.”

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