LOVE FOUND AND LOST | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Lost Love Bookmark and Share


Love found and lost

Down on his luck he  rode into town in a boxcar.
Looking for an old friend from the lone star.

They talk about old times, and childhood  crimes.  They were glad to see and glad to be.

All was well and good,until he got a look at his girl. Then,everything changed in his world.

Instant love attraction on their parts.It would only leed to disaster if they followed their hearts.

He came to see his friend for a job.He tried to resist.He did not want to steal his friends girl and be a slob.

She pursued and did  things in the nude.
They were caught, he was beaten and run out of town. 
She was punched,and knocked down.

18 months later she saved up enough and hitched a ride.She found his cousin who told her that he had committed suicide!

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