RESTLESS SPIRIT | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Lost Love Bookmark and Share



She lay in my arms and cried.
I tasted her salty tears,and wanted to
hold her forever,
but I could not.

She had a restless spirit.
In the back of my mind
I knew she was just passing through
my life on her way to somewhere else.

She was like a bird with a broken wing.
She would be here long enough to heal,
then fly

Now that she had shared her pain,
she was free to step into the light of day,
and continue day the road to her true destiny.

PS. We dated for six months. She told me about a bloody man that she kept seeing in her dreams.Later she got life in prison for stabbing a man to death.

A drug deal gone bad.
A waste of two lives so damn sad.
True Story!
Dedicated to Evette,stay strong!

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