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The girl with the looks

"You know what if you touch my boyfriend, look at him, talk to him, and you will have to deal with me". I gave her a dirty look and walked away. She cannot tell me what to do, she is not my boss. I'm never going to forgive her. But that didn't stop Savvanah from talking to her boyfriend anyways because her boyfriend was Savvanah's best friend who will do anything for her. Savvanah knew they would get into a fight so she went to Colton and started to talk to him. Colton knew what Savvanah was up to so he made sure she knew his girlfriend was coming. Shala push Savvanah to the wall and told her some stuff. Savvanah's eyes grew dark red with blood coming out. She screams so loud that Shala fell down to the ground covering her ears. Savvanah couldn't quit screaming when she was done; Shala had blood running down her eyes. Shala tried to move but she couldn't see. Savvanah bent down to Shala size and whisper "now who is the boss and next time you try to take him away from me you will deal with me". Shala screamed and told Colton to come with her to the nurse office. Colton went along with her so she didn't get mad. Later on the day, Savvanah went to the bathroom and Shala was there. Shala looked at her and told Savvanah "looks like my eye got better because now I can see your stupid face". Savvanah ignored her and went to use the bathroom. When she got out of the stall, Savvanah saw all the popular kids. Savvanah went to use the restroom and saw that the one of them had something in her hand. The girl throw the thing that was in her hand and Savvanah was shocked because her eye moved the thing when it was about to hit her. Her eye rotated it and smacked the popular girl in the head with it. Savvanah started to laugh because it was pig poop in her face. Savvanah walked away and never had to face them again. Savvanah knew she was going to be the freak of the school if she doesn't get this under control. She was happy because she is now dating a jock name Andrew. He was all she need; Savvanah went to meet Andrew to tell him what happen. But Andrew was already there waiting for her "I can't believe you! Did you really do that in the bathroom?" gave her the newspaper so she can look at it. She went over it and there she was front cover of the school newspaper. Savvanah was shock she never that she would be in the newspaper before but she didn't care. She only wanted her boyfriend and her friends. She didn't need her family because she didn't have any left after the fairy storm. The fairy storm was when the fairies stared to attack people for no reason but they thought they had a reason. That's how she meet Andrew was when she went to live with him and his family and they started to date. She knew what was going on with her she was a vampire in a human form where she can go out in the sun. But she knew it was just the vampire affect it was something else. She and Andrew went home early. Andrew holding her hand made things better than ever. She smiled all the way to the mansion. When they got to the door of the mansion Andrew spin Savvanah around and kissed her. Savvanah looked at Andrew and Andrew looked at her. He told her "you are the cutest thing in the world and I love you"! Savvanah told him she loved him too. Savvanah and Andrew went inside to Savvanah bedroom. Andrew took out the red box under bed and waited for Savvanah got onto the bed. They looked at each and nod their head. The red box open and there was bags full of blood, Savvanah got to pick the first bag. They shared the same bag, when they got done. They lay down in bed together, looking at each other. They started to hear a noise and ran down stairs. They knew it was Andrew parents because they were out of town. They open the door and there was Colton drunk of this butt. They looked at each other and laugh because they knew Colton would come over when he was drunk. His parent hated when Colton drink beer. Savvanah and Andrew shook their head and dragged him to Savvanah's bed. Andrew and Savvanah went to the living room and told the maid to make them hot chocolate. Andrew put on a movie on. Savvanah cuddle with Andrew "I love you so much! I wish I could stay here with you until the end". Andrew got tear because he knew how love felt. Andrew lay Savvanah down and kissed her softly. Savvanah loved the feelings and she was hunger for more. Savvanah laid her head on his chest and felt asleep. The next thing she knows was she was in Andrew bed with him. "You had a scary dream" Savvanah nodded her head, the dream was about her parents being burn on the cross and she was the one who did it. Savvanah went to her but forgot Colton was there and he just stared at her. Colton went to the bathroom and left without saying good-bye. Savvanah got dress and got into her car. She waited for Andrew to hurry up. Andrew jump into the car and shouted "we have to go fast so we can pick up Cheyenne". Cheyenne was one of Savvanah friends back in grade school but they drift apart and got back together in 9th grade. Cheyenne was so different she has a lot of tattoos and a lip pierced. Cheyenne was out on her porch when they got there. Cheyenne jumped in the back and shouted "we have to get Alex redbird". Alex was the same an old boy from grade school but Savvanah dislike Alex redbird because he smells like a dog but you know why he did because he was a werewolf. When Alex got into the car, Savvanah told Alex that u sink. Alex went to Savvanah face and licked her. Savvanah screamed and wiped her face on Andrew shirt. When they got to school, they walked cool out of their car. Savvanah holding Andrews hand and Cheyenne holding Alex hand they all looked cool. Everybody looked at them and kept starring. They didn't really care about it, they likes the attention. Savvanah and Andrew went one way so they can go get their teeth sharpen. Savvanah and Andrew go into a dark room and started to make out. Cheyenne and Alex went into their classroom and worked on their work. When Savvanah and Alex got done they went to their classroom in the library. Savvanah saw that Cheyenne class was in there too. When Savvanah got her book out she lied on her back on the floor reading a book for English to Alex because Alex didn't know how to read. Cheyenne went right for Andrew and Colton talk about last night about what she did with Alex. Colton looked bored to deaf. Then my eye caught Shala coming around the coroner and my teeth went straight out. I was ready to kill her for everybody but just for me. She takes Colton's hand and leave with him. Grrrrrrrrr I hate her so bad. Savvanah and Cheyenne nod their head at each other because they knew their plan is going to work because they know what they do when they hit that closet on the east side of the library. When Colton was asleep she and Cheyenne put peanut butter on his underwear where they will stick to his junk. Plus they knew Shala hated peanut butter, Savvanah and Cheyenne tiptoe to the door and waited. Yahhhhh screamed Shala and boom goes the door. Savvanah and Cheyenne laughing their butt off but when they saw Colton he looked his was about to kill them but he just laughed. We smiled at him and walked away leaving Colton by himself. Colton shouted at them and said "that was some good peanut butter". Cheyenne and Savvanah laughed all the way to their locker. Savvanah felt a breeze by her and turn and saw Andrew. He smiled and waved at Cheyenne "I'm going to steal her for a minute". Andrew took Savvanah hand into his own and told her he got a surprise for her. They walked until they got to the piano room. There was a white table with red liquid in the wine cups and there where white roses in a vase in the middle of the table. He spins her around and told her the sweetest things in her ear when they started to dance. When they got done dancing, they set down at the table. Andrew gave Savvanah a piece of an ice and inside was a diamond ring inside of it. "Well you marry me Savvanah" Savvanah screamed and shakes her head yes. They were the cutest thing in the world until that new girl Natasha took Andrew to her fat rich house. Savvanah started to scream because she loved him so much so she went to her house and knocked on her door. "What?" I looked her in her eye and screamed at her; my eyes turn red and my fangs popped out... I started to growl and I jumped on her and ripped her throat out. She looked died to me so I went to find Andrew. "My love you found me!" and he wrapped her into his arms and they kissed. Savvanah thought it was over with Natasha but when they got to her died body it wasn't there, the only thing there was a fat huge cow. Savvanah and Andrew looked at her and started to just eat her. They walked out of her house holding hands to hands. They had the best night ever with their friends and having a party about their wedding. Bang, Savvanah looked at Colton. Colton jumped up and went to the door. There was nobody there. Something was going to happen to them if they don't be fast and think. They all ran to the shelter down under the ground for warlocks like them. Boom goes the door they well be here for a quit awhile. The lipsucker command them to get to the meeting room. When they went in there was a bored about Natasha and how to kill her. First you have to shot her with a sliver bullet. Second you have to kick her and make her drink blood where she will blow up. "That sound easy" Savvanah said but the lipsucker told her "no it is not because you have to make her into a cow which is hard because she has to be mad." Savvanah looked at Colton and said "Colton she is in love with you! Why don't you make her mad?" Colton nods his head. Lipsucker looked at Savvanah and told her "you have to have a body guard". Lipsucker nod his head at a boy in the back with some big muscles he has on him. "This is Josh". Josh took Savvanah hand and kissed it. "Bonjour" said Josh. Savvanah already liked him but then she shook her head because she has a hotter boyfriend. The guard went to school with Savvanah but right when Andrew saw him. He took Savvanah hand and dragged her away but the guard still follows. Andrew grown and showed his teeth at Josh, Andrew told him "back away before I kill you with my fangs!" Savvanah jumped in before they got that going. Savvanah dragged Andrew away and told Josh to stay. Savvanah told Andrew everything. Andrew understands and told Josh sorry. Savvanah took him hand into her and walked to school. Savvanah got a beep in class and saw it was Lipsucker texting her. Savvanah texted him back and told him to shut up because she was in class. He finally texted her back and said its Natasha she is the p building in your school that was impossible because this school was warlocks. Savvanah ran out of class and ran to the p building there she was. Natasha was opening doors and closing them. "Are you looking for me?" Natasha licked her lips and said "yes". "Hey Natasha" screamed Colton. Natasha looked at Colton and smiled "What?" Colton looked shock and said "I never ever liked you. You are a loser and I was just using you". Natasha screamed and turn into a cow. She ran to Colton and jumped on him. Colton screamed and shot her in the heart. Her body flinches and rotted. Savvanah looked at Colton and started laughing between laughing Savvanah said "you screamed like a girl". Savvanah helped Colton up. Colton looked at her and growl. Cheyenne came running up to them and said "what happen?" Savvanah stopped laughing and said "where were you Mrs. Redbird?" Cheyenne shocked her head and said "I was with Alex Mrs. Diamond" Savvanah knew that was true because they just got engaged. "Ok" They all went to the underground to meet Mr. Lipsucker, when they went into his office. They saw the gross thing ever, they ran out. They all laughed. Mr. Lipsucker came out and said "you didn't see anything" They nod their head. "Josh what happen to Savvanah and Natasha?" Josh looked at Savvanah and told Mr. Lipsucker "savane et Colton couru dans Natasha et ils se disputent. Natasha sauta sur Colton et Colton tiré Natasha." Mr. Lipsucker looked at Josh and said "Savvanah and Colton shot Natasha well mission complete". Savvanah told Andrew the great news when she got to his house. Andrew gave Savvanah kisses for completing her mission. Savvanah and their team got ready for their next mission which is to kill Murray. Murray was a demon from the other world. He was here to kill the underworld. Savvanah, Colton, Cheyenne, and Alex plus their new partner Andrew got together to make a plan. Andrew and Colton working together gets a little wild. Savvanah rolled her eyes at the boys. Cheyenne went up to Savvanah "Hey do you think he likes me and point to Josh" Savvanah laughed "maybe I don't know why?" Josh went to Cheyenne and said "peut-être" Cheyenne looked at him confused, Savvanah translated it for Cheyenne "he said maybe" Cheyenne nod her head. Alex went to Josh and growled at him "she's mine back the hell off her" Cheyenne looked at Alex with ohs in her eyes. Alex took Cheyenne into the hotel room that was across from Savvanah and Andrew room. Colton had a room by himself until the demon Shala comes to have it with him. Josh had his own room too. Cheyenne and Alex had a party in their room. Savvanah and Andrew just lied in bed with their unborn child. Savvanah knew she was pageant but she didn't want to tell nobody. Andrew finally broke the silence "I am glad you are pageant because then are family is a whole now!" Savvanah looked at him and said "I know but how im I post to fight things off with me pageant?" Andrew smiled and kissed her "you can do anything because you are Mrs. Diamond" Savvanah shocked her head and said "im going to that party in Cheyenne room. Want to come?" Andrew got up and went hand in hand with Savvanah to the party. Savvanah smiled when they got to the party, there was slot of people. Savvanah lost Andrew from the impact, she turned and saw Stacie Black the Goth Princess of Black Forest. Stacie ran to Savvanah "oh my gosh never ever thought I ever see you!" Savvanah hugged Stacie and said "been 100 years now" Stacie looked at Savvanah then something catch her eye and ran away. Savvanah tried to follow but couldn't because of the crowd. Savvanah contracted on her hearing and heard a little wimp. Savvanah followed the sound and it was coming from Ari Starr the popular girl friends with Shala. Savvanah saw that Stacie had he bent back and was about to suck her soul out of her. "Stop!!" screamed Savvanah. Stacie looked at Savvanah with a creepy smile "don't worry we was just talking". Ari ran as fast as she could, Savvanah looked at Stacie and shook her head. Ever since Savvanah turn into a vampire she could hear things nobody could hear.

Running has fast I can, sweat tickling my face. Getting hit by trees and falling down hard on knees. Boom, someone jumps on me and bends my neck back. I took the last breath as a human. He put his fangs on my neck and drank me away.

Savvanah shook her head and walked away from Stacie. Stacie just watches her walk away. Savvanah ran to find Colton. Savvanah went outside for some fresh air, then she smells something and it is a human smell. Savvanah look over to her right and saw a baby black bird perch on the railing. Savvanah went over to the bird, she thought she was going crazy because the black bird was saying "kill the Goth Princess" the bird repeated it over and over. Savvanah laughed at the stupid bird because Stacie is hard to kill because she has a lot of souls in her body which is why when someone kills her she is still alive and has a lot more souls. Stacie gain souls by eating other people souls. Savvanah went to find Stacie again to try to kill her but she knows it won't work. Savvanah looked around and to see if she can find anyone. She saw something so familiar to her it looked like the white dress that her mother died in. She followed the white dress all the way to the end of the hallway. The hallway was a dark, scary, creepy hallway. The white dress girl turned around it was her mother; she looked at Savvanah with those big baby blue eyes. Her mother told Savvanah "you are the special thing in the world. You have to bet the demon Savvanah. I love you! Savvanah please don't let that boy you love die." Then she vanishes in thin air. Savvanah weep around and scream her mother name over and over. She fell down with tears running down her face. Savvanah knew that was her mother from the dead. Savvanah just there in silence for a long time, Savvanah got up but fell down with sharp pains in her teeth. She smiled because she remembers her first fang.

I woke up felt sharp pains in teeth like they are separating from each other. Savvanah ran to her mirror. She saw that she had fangs now. She ran to Colton and told him first.

Savvanah shocked her head she need to get out of here fast. Savvanah ran like a crazy person out of there. When she was out of the white hallway she met a wolf name Kura. Savvanah ran fast from here to find Andrew but the wolf fallowed her. Savvanah turned around and told the wolf "I don't have time for you so stop following me". Kura transformed from being wolf to human. She looked at Savvanah in the eye. Savvanah eyes hurt from staring at her baby blue eyes. Kura said "Savvanah Andrew...... died. Im so sorry." Savvanah looked at her and screamed. Kura let Savvanah punch her and let her cry on her shoulder. An hour later or so Savvanah pulled out pictures from her pocket. The pictures were a picture of her and Andrew kissed. After that one was another one of them holding hands. The next one was one of Andrew holding her up. She had four pictures of them in her pocket but her favorite was holding hands with her new ring. Savvanah looked at her ring on her finger. She was happy that she was still married to him. Savvanah look at Kura and asked "what happen to him?" Kura took a deep breath and told her "Andrew was trying to find you but he found Stacie. Stacie didn't like him because he was marring Savvanah. So she thought if she killed him then you won't be engaged. So when Stacie saw him she stabbed him with a stack at the hearth. All Andrew said I love her and it's my baby. Stacie just walked away when he died". Kura looked at Savvanah, Savvanah was pissed and she ran away from Kura and went to find Stacie. When Savvanah found Stacie, she didn't said anything expect smile and afforded a drink to Stacie. Savvanah smiled while Stacie drinks the poison. Stacie looked at her while blood was coming out of her mouth. After a while she was gone. Savvanah laughed and ran to her and Andrew house. When she got in there was Andrew sitting on the bed. Savvanah cried and ran to him. He holds her and didn't say anything. He played with her hair, when she finally stops crying Savvanah pulls up his shirt and saw the wound below his heart. Savvanah looked at him with her sad look "How... How did you live and then..." Andrew didn't let her finish he just kissed her and told her to don't worry. Savvanah smiled, When they was finish talking and making love, Savvanah asked "Im I really pregnant?" Andrew shook his head no. Savvanah thought about maybe getting pregnant by him but just shook her head.


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