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My Revolver

A long time ago. In a wild, remote desert. There is a small town in Texas called Big Bill. The town is isolated from cities. Population 200. My name is Dan. I'm searching Big Bill for my old friend. At least he WAS my old friend. Until that day. He killed my uncle. My only family member left. He killed him with a revolver I gave to him. He took the bounty and ran away. I begin searching for him everywhere. I can't find him. Until my friend told me he was drinking in a saloon in Big Bill. He shouldn't be wasting those money on drinks. Especially blood money.. I rode my horse to Big Bill accompanied by my horse, anger, and my revolver. As I walked into the saloon, I couldn't believe it. He's hanging out with bandits, savages, thieves. “Who killed my uncle, Robert,” I said. No one answer. Then, my old friend running through the back door, and then I chased him. He rode a horse to the train station, I couldn't reach him because the train passes by. After the train pass, I chased him down through the desert, and to the mine shaft. There I begin to shoot him with my only weapons. Gunfight starts for an hour. I managed to hit his arm, there he lay down, injured. This is my chance. Will I going to finish him? Will I just forgive and leave him away? No. Revenge. “Bang!” The only thing I know is that sound still echoing in my head after the day I shot him with my revolver. The same day I carved his name on my gun.

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