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Judge a book by its cover

We are who we are

You are who you are

Black, fresh, African and proud

Gag at your breath type of cats

Who just don't give a rat's ass if you live or die

Ask me and I'll tell you why, why

My heart aches of a thousand cries

Bare in mind, I am a soul lost in historical lies

Manipulation of events by your kind, disabled my rational

I am now a pimp by blood, not relation

Who roams the streets at night with a loaded gun

Lost in time and never to be found

I survive, only to make your precious life mine

Any price, I am willing to deductably pay, upfront

Do you not know, Uncle Sam is now family to me

When my father died at seventeen, he took care of me

Fed me, clothed me, sheltered and molested me

I am the man, the Lord shall judge for your demise





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