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Five Stories-Closeup







Short Story  Close up by Kishor Pandya





As tsunami in the River, and wetting both the side of the riverbanks with

large amount of water, similarly, sometimes he was remembering Rupa. He likes

to become wet with remembrances of her in this manner.

That day Rupa was in displeased mood.

“I don’t want to see ,” she uttered with slight anger.

“Why?” He asked in lower voice

“Your sentimental words sounding me hollow ”

“Rupa, you have ” Before uttering the word love, word itself reached in

the very deep abyss of the earth “When I come close to you, let me say truth, I

forget everything ”

“Pratik” immediately her  hand  came  very  close  to  his  mouth  and

remained there.

He  tried  to  see  the  color  of  wings  of  butterflies  in  the  handkerchief

remained in her hand Then he forcefully tried to avoid his eyes from Rapa’s

eyes. Then again, he was staring at beautiful face of her without winking.

“Do you want to hear a story?”

“Then, you try to going to sidetrack ”

“Let us see, sometimes people are troubled with inferiority complexes If

you will look at another side, yet I will tell you that-”

You are repeating your words. You said these words earlier also ”

“What? Then listen again ”

“No I don’t want to hear again ”

“Some stories are so interesting that we like to listen it again and again ”

“ nd after listened to the story, we were remembering  it  again  and

again ”


He closed the file. Searched the cape of the pen, which was below the file.

He put the pen in the pocket.

Today is Friday. If Sir would give the permission, then tomorrow is half-

holiday I reach to Rupa. She came to the door. Moreover, before she could open

the door completely

He tried to build the castles in the air.

Tomorrow he will go there. Four hours bus journey.  Then he will reach

there,  sun  will  travel  to  the  west  gradually.  Darkness  of  the  night  proceeds

further systematically.

Let me watch until, dawn a few hours remaining yet. This time I will bring

something for Rupa.


“Will you please, show me good articles for present?

Do you require it to gift somebody”/


You want to give it to your beloved one.

He liked  the word gift instead of present. He also liked  the attitude of

shopkeeper. He tries to select the gift one by one.


“How nice this is!” Rupa will ask

“ Really ? You are Very nice Really You are looking beautiful!”

“Who is? m I or is this ?-...,”Rupa will question

Answer of the question will be there.

There will be a smile on the lips of Rupa just like a small boat dancing on

the water in a steady wind. Her eyes were looking along with full of love.

What would you like for breakfast?

Rupa will prepare breakfast. Imagine the unlimited amount of breakfast.

Time will stop. Moment will freeze.

This is Excellent!

What is excellent? Breakfast or..

You are excellent.

Rupa will seat between his separated words.

Last rays of the sun will slip away from the window.

Then, they are walking on the street.


Rupa will walk with him. She will describe the area with specific stress on

the special word. At that time, he will try to decorate the close up of the side

face of Rupa in his eyes.


He came out of the shop without taking anything.

Close up of Rupa is now spread all over the limitless sky.




Peaceful Man In Hurry


Whenever you meet Shantilal, he is always in hurry.

When he met you, he would immediately ask.

What happened about that we had talk?

What we had talked? You are not remembering the reference.

On Thursday, there is a meeting for Ramesh to see the bride for him.

Oh! I have forgotten that fully.

We apologize, really, as we have no importance of that talk.

You  are  very  idle  man.  If  you  will  not  become  an  active,  never  wed

Ramesh. Understand my point, this is a jet time, do some hurry, let me go until I

meet Maheta.

When you hear the last sentence of Shantilal completely, he is walking

away to meet the other person.


Shantilal is very quick.

Shantilal is also perfect. He works for everyone .If anyone suggests to do

work for him; he will never sit until the work is completed. However, a question

is that whether anybody has seen Shantilal in a relaxed sitting position.

I have never seen that Shantilal has ever talked with anybody in seating

position. I have never seen that Shantilal has ever taken a cup of tea by sitting

with anybody.

He is always in hurry.

Once,  I,  Ramesh  and  Dinesh  were  standing  nearby  the  tea-stall.  I  saw

Shantilal was coming towards us. I stopped him and gave a cup of tea from my

hand to him.

Have a cup of tea, Shantilal and relax.

I thought that my speed of giving him a tea would please Shantilal and he

would stop to take a cup of tea.

Where is relaxation in this life, Shantilal sipping the tea and speak, if we

try  to  relax  our half  of the  work  will  remain  unfinished.  Shantilal  gave  back

empty cup to my hand and, said let me go, until I have to finish my work.

Ii overcome with surprise Shantilal finished his tea and walked away

Ashok and Dinesh try to cool the tea. They have not even taste the tea.

There is an empty cup on my hand so Ashok asked,

You have emptied your cup so immediately.


No. I have not emptied the cup. Shantilal had sipped a cup of tea and he

gone like wind.

I pointed my finger towards  the Shantilal.  He was more  than thousand

feet away from us.

When did Shantilal come, when did he take a cup of tea, and when did he

go, he went away so hurriedly, we even did not see him.

In  any  kind  of  traffic,  Shantilal  proceeded  further  like  auto  rickshaw.

Traffic had no effect on his speed. Heavy traffic is unable to make any change on

his speed.

He collided with anybody on the way and other person just recovered and

try to say something that men should walk with carefully, before that Shantilal

walked away by touching and fractioning with other two.

Shantilal is really living as a man of jet age.

He has invited me at the ring ceremony of his daughter.

However,  on  that  Thursday  I  cannot  attend  the  function  due  to  some

work. I thought that afterward I would apologize to him. Moreover, on another

Thursday, I remember that function. Today I must go to the house of Shantilal. I

came out of the office and directly reached to the Shantilal.

I  see  that  Shantilal  was  standing  in  the  foreground  of  the  house  and

workers are collecting the table and chairs. Some type of ceremony is over.

“Welcome, welcome ”Shantilal exclaimed with relief

“I came to congratulate your daughter on her ring ceremony.”

“You are very lazy person Just one minute ” He gave a note of list and

paid money to the workers. Then turned towards me and said, “I have not seen

you on occasion Take some sweets ” We entered in the house Then he said,

“Persons like you are must be in the fire brigade and not in the bank ”

“Why?” I asked

“Let us see, you come for the ring ceremony, but wedding ceremony is

over ”Shantilal gave me sweets “One minute please, I just finished this work to

submit crockery and other things.

Without  stopping  anywhere,  Shantilal  reach  to  the  workers,  who  are

collecting the materials .

After the marriage of a daughter, Shantilal never relaxed. He immediately

completed all the work of marriage.

When I was sick, he came to me and asked me for any type of work, he

can do for me. He also guides me and gives me some health tips. He also talks

about various subjects and relax me. After his talk my irrelative nature becomes

joyful. My mind was relaxed like flower.

On that day, I met and saw new Shantilal.


After recovery, I started to go to office. Generally, Shantilal meet me two

to three times in a week. However, I have not seen him for fifteen day and I

wonder about that. Where will be he?

When in the morning I have started for the office, I confirm in my mind to

meet Shantilal in the evening.

After  completing  my  work  in  the  office  in  the  evening,  I  reach  to  the

house of Shantilal. My Mansukh uncle was coming out of the house.

“Why you are here?” He asked me

“I came here just to meet Shantilal ”

“But where will now he meets you?” Mansukh uncle speak very slowly

I found some newness in his words.


 “Why are you talking in this way?” I asked

“Then what can I say? Do not you know the news?”

“Which type of news?”

“Shantilal is now not in this world  Shantilal is no more.

I mute and kept silence.

Shantilal was very ahead of me with his speed. In this situation, I am not

in a position to reach him with his speed.

Short Story  Close up by Kishor Pandya



Moreover, there is nothing in this talk.


Mau  is  not  a  good  storyteller.  The  method  of  his  talking  is  not  even

interesting.  He  talked  in such a  detail  that  everybody thinks  that  something

more interesting story was there.

Moreover, he gets such an audience that normal happening is to become

most  important  thing  of  the society.  Audience gave  more  importance  to  the

Manu and his speech.

Too many people marry in the town.

There  is  nothing  to surprise  in  the wedding  of  Ashish and  Alka. In the

town  boy  and  girl  run  away  and  without  concern  to  their  parent  they  get

married, is a common thing. There is nothing to be surprised.


Yet, they are somewhat more interesting  to heat the wedding story of

Ashish and Alka. They get pleasure in this story. Somebody has conquered the

world and people are hearing that.  Repeatedly they are hearing  the wedding


Manu has brought that story. He has done great brave thing by getting

this story. Therefore, he thinks that he has a right to give information from the

beginning to the end of the story. Who knows that Manu has every detail of the

story? I also know this story from the very begins.


Nevertheless,  never  mind.  The  thing  that  happened  is  now  past.  By

digging  past  in  the  present without  mud,  nothing will  be  come  in  the hand.

Future will not be changed by digging the past..

Boy and  girl  become  adult. They  see  each other  on  different  festivals.

They  know  each  other.  They  are  afraid  to  talk  to  the  parents.  Otherwise,  a

parent may say no and they run away from their home and get married.

So many couples have married in this manner.

There is nothing to surprise in the marriage of Ashish and Alka.

Nevertheless, as Manu think that he knows everything, he gives more and

more detail in his story. Whether Manu has known every detailed of this story?


How much he knows about this. In addition, how much salt he is adding in his


shish and lka ran away from the town They ran away at seven o’clock

on Tuesday. They had earlier decided to meet near the garden of the town. Alka

was there at six o’clock, but shish had to prepare too many things so he was

late. Ashish reached the place exactly at five to seven o’clock

Alka immediately reached to him and they got the bus. Bus went with

Ashish and Alka.

Manu has no manner to  talk.  The  method  of his  talking is not proper.

Somebody has  solved  the  great  problem  of  their  life  and  they  have  taken  a

Short Story  Close up by Kishor Pandya


decision of their life. This is not a great story to throw in the air in this manner.

There is nobody beneficiary in this.

Manu has a different personality.

He is always  bringing such a story from the society. Moreover, he puts

forward in the public in such a way that each step of the story is like a single


Ashish has warned me on time. Otherwise, if he knows everything, Manu

has  declared  the  war-trumpet  in  whole  town.  Now  nothing  will  change  by

tearing the rag.

It is unfortunate. Otherwise, everything well planned.


It is same Tuesday.

It is same time of seven o’clock in the evening

It is same garden.

It is same bus stand.

Ashish and Alka are the pieces of the game only.

No doubt that they very courageous. Suddenly run away in this manner is

not a small thing.

Alka  is  also  a  brave  girl.  No  one  can  predict  that  she  could  decide



Really both are courageous.

They showed the whole world that they fully bold to run away.

Look, if you want to marry, run away like this.

One cannot even see the mirage with thought of running deer by sitting in

the house.

Both  are  brave  and  courageous.  Otherwise,  everything  is fixed.  Ashish

also gave courage to me. Alka has also tried to persuade Shilpa with so many

examples from life, but no one knows at the last minute my feet dissolved in



Ashish and Alka were ready to support. They were coming to bus stand to

send off Shilpa and me. Let it go. The story is now past. By digging it in present,

it cannot shape the future.

Now it is too much to hear the sound of Manu. He is pestering person

with incessant talking. His continuous words are like bombshell. He continuously

talking and talking the same story. It is now headache to hear his words. I am

tired mentally. By his, story someone blowing my head.



You have a friend, named Mr.Balwantbhai. He has been your friend since

long time, because you and Balwantbhai are engaged in the same profession.

You  meet  Balwantbhai  frequently.  He  also  visits  you  often.  You  are  fond  of

Balwantbhai in your friend circle, and he is having a dominating place. You have

always-new people ready to introduce to Balwantbhai. Due to his mixing nature,

he makes his friend circle more and wider.


Many times you have feeling of dislike for your friends. Seeing to  their

behaviour you feel like breaking all the bonds of relationship. But Balwantbhai is

unique and different from this entire people. For you he is having a unique place

in your heart, because of him only your relation with Surendra is now limited.

Once upon a you were travelling in the city bus. High school girls were

sitting  on  the  front  seat.  Their  talk  was  heard.  The  topic  of  their  talk  was

involving a name Balwantbhai, so you became alert. From the uniform of the

school  it  was  easy  to  assume  that  the  talk  was  about  your  own  friend

Balwantbhai, but to make it sure you were eager to inquire

that which subject does he teach and you can make sure that the topic of the

talk  was your own  friend  Balwantbhai.  Giant  Kumbhakarna  sleeping  lazily  in

some corner by your side was now suddenly awakened, due to tone of hatred in

the voice.

“Gita brought jamun once in her lunch box Balwantbhai was passing by,

she offered it to him also to taste but he ate whole stock within few minutes!”

A girl of thirteen was speaking.


 “Do you remember, he took away all the chocolates from Rita?”

“I don’t like him at all ”

“Balwantbhai is like that only Lina and Bina went to ask, when Bina was

not able to understand properly. When we entered, at first stage he stared at

us, and then he asked, why have you all come? We told that Bina want to ask, so

he said to Lina and me that why have you come? And he also drew us out of the

office ”

“But he made Kuntal cry in the office ”

 “ nd he stares at us as if we are not aware of anything. In fact I told him

on his face that I am not Vina, I am not going to become a chamchi like Vina and

flatter you. Therefore he acts indifferently in front of me ”


And you remember his straightforward attitude in your house.

“Today I shall have a cup of tea and then I shall go Your wife’s

preparation of tea is having its own speciality Where is she?”

And he used to forget your presence and your identity in your own house.

But you are to take pride when he used to act in this way because you thought it


was a sign of a true friend. At present his whole character sketch is cleared in

front of you and you are aware of his intension.

“I shall drink tea and then go Munna tell your mummy to bring water

This Sunday, let me have dinner, at your place cooked by her ”

His manner of talking- he takes the talk around instead of straight to the

point  -  now  everything is being understood  by you. You suddenly remember

Surendra’s comment on Balwantbhai. But at that time you neglected his talk.

Moreover you thought Surendra is envy of Balwantbhai so he is talking like this,

Surendra disliked your friendship with Balwantbhai.

“This Balwantbhai is not good natured In his nature ”


Surendra’s half talk and words are sudden regaining your memory You

thought you should have let Surendra complete the talk. On one hand you are

thankful to Surendra; on other hand you are disturbed. Surendra is your well

wisher  now  you  have  known  that.  Now  you  have  known  the  key  morals  of

Balwantbhai i.e. his public disguise and his private self.

Now what happens after this depends upon circumstances.

It can happen that if  you see Balwantbhai on the way while passing by

then also you overlooked him and passed away When Balwantbhai’s attention

is drawn towards you, he will be astonished and will think of calling you. He may

probably call you. But you pretend, as if you have not heard anything and you

may  walk  away.  In  the  evening  while he

comes to your place you won’t welcome

him  as  warmly  as  you  did  till  yesterday.

Your  behaviour-  your  changing  attitude

towards  Balwantbhai  may  be  understood

by him and he may then visit you rarely.

Or  you  may  tell  everything  on

Balvantbhai face to face and not behind at

his back.

It  is  probable  that  gradually  your


relations with Balwantbhai go on reducing and one-day relationship may end.

But then you would always be dissatisfied about not to tell everything to him.

One possibility  is  such that  you and Balwantbhai may always  play  hide

and seek and you will always be seeking him.

There are numerous probabilities.

But  you  know  inspire  of  numberless

probabilities  under  any  circumstances,  nothing  is

going to happen. You are not going to tell anything

to Balwantbhai. You are not going to change your

attitude towards him. BEWARE OF BALWANTBHAI.


You are going to stop only by thought of awareness. You cannot tell anything to

Balwantbhai. Probably you may tell Balwantbhai to  be alert, but it is because

both of you are engaged in the same profession.


Travelling towards you

Conductor pulls the string to ring the bell so bus could start.

Now bus started.


Airs rushing forcefully from the window of the bus collide with his body.

Cooled air fill up his mind. An imagination begins to create in the mind.

Sound  of  the  Engine  of  the  bus  is  too  noisy.  In  that,  noise  of  engine

colorful imaginations slowly vanished away. Bus runs forward.

One can see the City from the window of the bus.

One by one stop is there. At every stop bus stops. Thoughts in the mind

also stop. Mind follows in the imagination that who will be boarding today in the

bus of your city.

There is one spark in the mind.

Memory remains behind the sound of started engine of the bus.

Conductor rings the bell and bus continues to travel further and further.

One can see, the City from the window of the bus. What is the distance

between city and window?

If one can measure the space distance between the moon and the earth,

then the distance between you and me can also measure. However, who can

measure this distance? Somebody says that there is nothingness between us.

Our relations are truly by heart.

Who is speaking these words?


To see the face of the speaker just turn around and conductor ring the

bell same time.

Yes, today I am sitting in the bus travelling towards you.

Which bus is this?

Bus runs towards your city.

Which city bus will reach?

Where is your city?

The game of finding the questions from the answers started. One fix way

is decided when the journey started. All are going in the same direction. The bus

towards your city  started and he seated in the bus. The  city has no name. If

there is a name of the city then nobody knows the name of the city.

What is love?

What is relationship?

What is binding?

One cannot bind the love in specific definitions.

To connect the broken threads knot is required. Then what is the meaning

of single thread. Sensation of beating remains on thread.

Whether knots are strong or lose? Knot between two threads speaks too

many things. There is nothing between us. Banks of the river are disappeared.

We dissolved in each other.

The river is never possible without bank.

The death is never possible without life.

The fog of the memory disappeared.

It is slowly raining on the palace of the mind. Everything is vanished in

sudden flood. The pearls are swinging on the eyelash.


He came back in the boarder of reality. Until the stop to climb down from

the bus is not there. On which stand he  has to climb-down. Yet there is very

much time. The bus catches the speed. However, after some interval speed of

the bus breaks.

Empty glass and empty life is there. To live alone is not a life. One can

touch life smoothly. Can anybody gain life?

Who  is  speaking?  From  where,  all  these words are  coming?  Repose  is

that, when it started, there will be an end somewhere.

When the bus started, then your city will definitely come there.

He  has  read  somewhere  that  the  life  begins  with  the  birth.  It  is  a

beginning of life, or journey towards the death. Day by day death comes closer

and closer, called life.

He is sitting idly, in the bus, and the bus, will carry you towards, your stop

to climb-down from the bus.

There  are  so many  Passengers  are  there  in  the bus. Their words  come

closer to the ears and without any meaning spread away. Now there is no care

to  understand the  meaning of the  words.  Desire is dead. The bus is running.

When will your city come?

He is steady on the seat of the bus. Bus is running.


He thinks, that when the  speed of life,  is in  decreasing order, why the

human being tries to run very fast.

Pictures and landscape he sees through will never come back. Then what

is  the meaning to  dig  the dunghill  of  past.  Yet  the pendulum  of mind  swing

towards past and future and present dissolved in it. Up to what extent one can

tie with the memory.

Bell of the bus is much sweet now. Now he is decisive to leave everything.

Therefore, he is in the bus. Conductor pulls the string, ring the bell, speaks the

name and then he has to climb down.

When the last stop will come in this bus, he has to climb-down.


At last conductor raised his hand to pull the string, he proceed towards

the door in the running bus. The conductor pulls the chain at last


Short Story  Close up by Kishor Pandya




After so many years, I could sit comfortably under the tree.

Short Story  Close up by Kishor Pandya


Short Story  Close up by Kishor Pandya



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