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Who Katie Saw

   Katie thought it was funny. So funny that she couldn't stop giggling. Teacher wasn't impressed, though.
   'So, Katie, are you going to tell me and the rest of the class what is so amusing?' the teacher asked.
   'Sorry, Miss. It won't happen again.'
   'It better not. Right, you lot, that's the bell. Don't make a noise on your way out,'
   Once out of the classroom, Katie again started to giggle.
   'What's wrong with you?' her friend Emily asked.
   'Oh, it's nowt. Just a joke someone told us at break.'
   'Gonna share it with us?'
   'No. It sounds silly.'
   'Can't be that silly if you can't stop laughing about it.'
   But Katie soon forgot all about the joke when she noticed a lad walking passed her in      the corridor. Whoever he was, she had never seen anyone so good looking.
   'Why do you keep starin' at that lad?' Emily asked. 'Oh I get it, you fancy him!'
   'No I don't,' Katie replied, feeling her cheeks go red.
   But both saw the funny side making their way out of the school and towards home. Yes,    she did fancy him, but she wasn't going to tell Emily that. She knew she'd never hear   the end of it.
   That night, Katie couldn't stop thinking about him. She wondered how she could find a way to say hello to him. She knew it wasn't going to be easy; but would he take any notice of her if she did have the nerve to say hello to him; she somehow doubted it.
   Net morning after getting out of bed she got herself ready for school, then made her way down the stairs, then ate her breakfast before making her way to meet Emily.
   'You all right?' She asked Emily after arriving at their usual meeting place.
   'Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, I bet you couldn't stop thinking about Luke last night?'
   Katie had to think for a moment. Who was Luke? He could be only one person, but how did Emily know his name? She'd never knew he existed till yesterday. Did she have a crystal ball or something? She was about to find out.
   'Luke?' she asked Emily. 'How did you find out his name is?'
   'Not too difficult. Turns out that our Becky is in his class. She couldn't stop talking about him when she got in last night. She was still on about him before leaving the house this morning. All the girls couldn't keep their eyes off him during maths.'
   Why couldn't he be in my maths class? Katie thought to herself. For one reason Becky was a year higher than she and Emily.
   Once inside the school gates Katie scanned the school yard, but couldn't see him anywhere; not until Emily said:
   'Try looking towards the bike sheds.'
   'On looking , she saw him talking a girl. She was green with envy staring towards them.
   When lunchtime came Katie made her way to get something to eat when she ran into someone she knew.
   'Hi, Darren,' she said to him. 'What you up to?'
   'Not much. We've got a game after school tonight. We've got this new lad is playing for us; that's if we can keep the girls away from him. They hang around him like bees round a honey pot.'
  'His name not Luke?' Katie asked, curious.
   'Yeah, it is. Don't say you fancy him as well?'
   'Not my type. It's Emily who likes him,' she replied, knowing it would bother Darren. He had got such a crush on her, but Emily didn't seemed to have any interest in him at all.
   When the bell sounded to end the final lesson of the day, Katie headed towards the school gates to meet Emily so as they could walk home together, although she had other ideas.
   'Hey, Em, you in a hurry to go home?' Katie asked after Emily had arrived at the gates.
   'Why, what are you up to?'
   'Answer the question.'
   'sp'ose not.'
   'Well, come on. Follow me.'
   Emily did what Katie asked, but what she was up to? She soon found out when they got to the playing fields.
   'See who I see?' she said to Emily as they approached the football pitch with a game just about to kick off..
   'We ain't got to watch a boring bloody football match, have we? You know how much I hate football. Anyway, you're wasting your time. He ain't gonna pay much attention to you; not with all those girls around. And who said he's that good looking anyway? Not me. I'd rather go out with Darren than him.'
   The two girls stayed to watch the game despite Emily's protests.
   After five minute of play Katie was wondering when the first goal would be, then a few minutes later, she wondered no more. Luke took on and passed two defenders before kicking the ball past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net. A big cheer came from the spectators - mostly girls, Katie being one of them. But Emily remained silent. She just stood there with her arms folded with a look of boredom on her face.
   When the final whistle blew the girls invaded the pitch and headed straight to Liam who was mobbed in the rush. As soon as the players made their way off the pitch, Katie headed towards the dressing rooms and stood outside.
   'What are you up to'? Emily asked.
   'Waiting here till he comes out.'
   'You're mad,' Emily replied.
   When Luke did come out, he headed towards this girl who was obviously waiting for him, but Katie intercepted him and said hello to him. To her surprise, he smiled to her, then stopped to talk to her. Katie noticed the look on the girl's face as he did. It was the same girl she had seen him talking to earlier that morning. While he was chatting he asked her what she was doing later, she said she was staying in to wash her hair. She suddenly had gone off him because of the way he had treated the other girl. He'd only end up doing the same to her. And when he asked what she was doing the next night, she told him that she was going out with her boyfriend. Then she slowly walked away.
   'Why did you walk away?' Emily asked, looking amazed.
   'I'm not that bothered. You are probably right, who said he is good looking anyway?     Hey, look, there's Darren. Let's catch up with him and get him to walk both of us home.'

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