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Angels Abide

How does one live in this world, oh so cruel
Where lives are erased in wars over fuel?
Where the homeless and hungry are swept out of the way
So that those who could help won’t feel pressure to pay.

Oh God, you must weep when all this you see,
For this is not how you meant it to be.
Your precious son, Jesus, paid the great price
Why is it then such a task to be nice?

When sometimes the chaos gets too much to bear
There appears a bright light in the darkness, so clear.
It serves to remind us when skies are all grey,
You’re never more than a short prayer away.

In the midst of the madness gentle angels abide
To strengthen, to nurture, to love and to guide.
Somehow they know just what to do
It’s because they are made in the image of You.

We know that you’ll never your loved ones forsake
Or their joy, love and peace allow Evil to take.
While ever the Universe answers to You
With your angels around us, we know we’ll get through!

So thank you, Lord God, for these precious ones few,
For the ones who say “Send me” with hearts pure and true.
For without them this world would be a lost cause.
May the heavens salute you. The kingdom is yours.

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