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Mind Where You Are Going ( Revised Story)

Imogen kept looking at her watch as she was making her way to a job interview at a factory. She knew she was going to be late, so there was only one thing for it - she started to run. When she had to cross to get to the other side of the road, she didn't even bother to see if any traffic was coming; she just shot straight into the road. A car braked hard, narrowly avoiding hitting her. The driver was furious

   ‘Can't you look where you are going!' he shouted to her.

   ‘All right, keep your bloody hair on,' she shouted back.

   Approaching the factory, she noticed that she had a few minutes to spare, so she calmed herself down, sat on a wall and lit a cigarette. She wished she hadn't bothered as she saw who was making his way through the factory entrance - the man who nearly hit her in his car a few moments before. She just hoped that he wasn't the one who was doing the interviews. She knew she wouldn't get the job if it was.

   Imogen finished her ciggie, then made her way through the factory entrance. She could feel the palms of her hands getting sweaty She was thinking of turning round and making her way back home. But she needed a job, so she went up to the girl on the desk, gave her her name, then took a seat. She wait ages before being called in. To her relief a woman was doing the interviews.

   ‘Are there any questions you want to ask me?' the lady said to Imogen as the interview drew to a close.

   ‘No thank you,' Imogen replied. ‘I think you have covered everything.'

   ‘Right, then,' the lady said to her, ‘It's not up to me if you get the job. It's up to Mr Higgins, the manager of the department you'll hopefully be working for. But I'll certainly be putting in a good word for you. You are the best candidate by far.'

   Imogen felt so happy. She'd been out of work for months. She was going to get her mate Kerry to come out with her that evening and celebrate her new job. She knew it was just a formality.

   ‘Hey, Kerry, guess what?' she said to her on the phone when she got in.

   ‘Don't tell me you've got the job?'

   ‘As good as. Fancy coming out and celebrating with us tonight?'

   ‘Try and stop me.'

   ‘Right, I'll call for you about six. See you then.'

   Imogen put the phone down, had her tea, then went to get herself ready. When the two girls turned up at the local pub, they ran into a few of their friends from their school days. They had a right old time in the pub, until this man walked in with someone looking like his wife. Imogen started to give him a tough time. She wouldn't stop having a go at him.

   ‘Why are you picking on that man, Imogen? What's he ever done to you?' Kerry asked.

   ‘That miserable excuse for a human being nearly ran me over today. He works at the factory where I got the job. Fortunately it won't be his department I'll be working in. Why should I worry!

   Did she get it wrong? She entered the factory on the monday morning to be introduced to the head of the department she'd be working in. She found herself staring straight at Mr Higgins - the person who almost ran her over as she was on her way to the interview. She couldn't get out of their quick enough. She knew he wasn't going to give her the job, especially not after the way she had treated him in the pub when out celebrating wiith her mates.




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