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Breaking up is such a farce

Breaking Up Is Such A Farce

"There's something wrong with the brakes!" Tim shouted. Claire screamed. Would this just ruin their weekend away or would it ruin the prospects of them spending their whole life together?"
“I am so sorry… I really am so very sorry.” Continued Tim, his voice shaking with emotion.
Claire didn’t scream with anger this time, although she felt like doing so. Instead she just glared at him.
“I know I should have applied the breaks,” he continued, “but I got myself into a situation and they just didn’t work. I’m weak. I’m sorry”
“You’re pathetic.”
They fell into a gloomy silence. Claire still fixed him with a vehement expression whilst he just stared at the floor.
A shaft of amber shone gently through the window as if the sun were trying to disperse the ill feeling that pervaded the room. It failed.
Claire began to erupt again. “So when did your seedy little affair start?” She hissed at him. Tim flinched at the impact of the question and bowed his head to the floor.
“So when did it start!” Claire screamed at him.
He didn’t look up but continued to stare at the floor; a slight shaking of his body showed that he was crying.
“You make me sick! I hate you! … I really hate you!” With that she burst into tears.
The sun continued to filter into the room but still did little to warm the coldness of the atmosphere.
Outside the sky was a burning azure that enhanced the deep blue of the sea. This should have been a perfect second honeymoon. Romance rekindled amidst a beautiful sun kissed Tropical Island; the setting of a dream. But then again dreams never come true.
“It’s that tramp with the red hair, isn’t it?” Continued Claire. Her voice was controlled but the anger was latent.
Tim still stared at the floor.
“Well. Isn’t it!” she screamed at him. The anger in her again quickly rose to the surface.
Tim’s head dropped further, like a man crushed by his own stupidity. Overwhelmed by consequence.
“Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore.” Said Claire, her voice calmer now.
There was a slight movement from his crumpled frame as he started to raise his head up toward her.
“Really Tim. It does not matter at all anymore. I do not care what you have done. It honestly doesn’t matter anymore my darling.”
Tim looked up at her. “Please forgive me.” He begged.
Claire’s expression remained cold and unchanging.
“I’m so sorry baby, it won’t happen again. I promise you.” Swore Tim.
Claire lowered her glare from his eyes.
This is it, he thought. Claire would calm down now. She was mad and had every right to be but she knew where her bread was buttered. He had played around, yes and he would do again. That was just the way it was.
“No. Baby. It won’t happen again because I want a divorce.” She said with a resolute calmness.
Tim’s eyes widened in disbelief and his face whitened. “Claire, please, please let me explain!”
“Too late. No brakes means you’re going to crash and you’ve crashed big time. We won’t be speaking again. I’ll get my own flight back and you’ll be hearing from my solicitor.”
“Okay everyone, that’s a wrap.”
The film crew and cast relaxed and the sound of conversation filled the studio. The two leading characters got up and embraced each other.
“I’m glad that’s over.” Said Tim kissing her softly.
“Me too.” Replied Claire savouring the kiss.
“At least I won’t have to be Timothy Matthews anymore.”
“Yeah and good bye to Claire Matthews too.”
“That’s got to be the cheesiest script that I’ve had to endure in a long time.”
“It was terrible.”
“Where do you want to go for lunch? Same place?”
She thought for a moment and then nodded her head with a smile.
The two walked hand in hand through the crowd of chattering people and made their way out of the studio.
“Hey, not long to the big day for you two.” Said a voice from behind them.
“Two weeks.” They replied.
“Don’t you two get like Tim and Claire now!” said the voice.
“We’ll definitely be putting the breaks on that!” They said and with that exited the studio.

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