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 Once apon a time there was a cow called Daisy and Daisy was not a normal cow she was special because she could do anything.One day Daisy found the gate left open and she ran away.On her first stop she stopped at Stacy sheep and Stacy said where are you going Daisy said well im going on a adventure want to come yes pls said Stacy lets go so then stacy and daisy went to go and see lucy the lama and they all shouted come on lets go so lucy followed them then Daisy and Stacy and Lucy went to see Percy the pig and Percy was so fat that she could not eat anymore so she followed all 3 animals.In a hour Percy looked at herself "wow!" said Percy look at me she was back to a normal pig skiny and pink.She had never felt better.Then they went to see Henry horse and he followed them to.All of a sudden Daisy realized that the farmer would realize that she was gone she did a loud moo to warn the others Daisy picked them up and flew over the old shed and the pig sty and the horse stable and the lama shed and landed right on her feet and all animals ran back to their huts and the farmer would of never noticed.

                                                       The End

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