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what they dont know

   Boy Love

     what they Dont know


tree hose chapter 15

Joshep (P.O.V)

I sat in the little tree house my father had build years ago it was nothing but rotting wood now. My pants and shirt were soaked with tears iv never felt sadness before and it hurt in so many ways. My father did not approve of me any more I have truly been a disappointment. I was confused and lost I wanted Timothy to be here with me he was all I could think of at this point, My affection twards him was strong and that's waht confuses me, is it wrong to like a boy?.. I started to cry again, filling the tree house with soft sobbing.

"Master Joseph someone is her to see you" said one of the maids.

"Not now" I snapped.

"But he seems very determined to see you sir."

"Fine if they must see me send them up."

 I waited for a response but got nothing I went back to my sobbing I felt so pathedic sitting by my self I heard someone enter but I didn't move. I felt a poke at my shoulder i looked up to see Timothy the sadness I felt alomost entirly went away I pulled him into a hug.

"Joseph whats the matter have you been crying?" he asked his face full of concern.

 I wiped the tears from my face and stared at him.

"My father dose not approve." I simply said.

"Approve of what?"

I let him go and took a deep breath.

"I told my father something that he didn't like he says I am a disgrace to our family name and that it is me who will ruin his reputation" I cried.

"What did you tell him" he asked.

"I can't tell you my father doesn't want me to talk about it."

Timothy leaned in on me our faces nearly touching I blushed a little.

"Your father is not here now is he so please tell me" he begged.

"I-I Cant he will be upset." Timothy sighed and did a face palm.

The tree house was filled with silence for waht seemed like forever I stared at him his eyes scanned the tree house  then went back to me I blushed again and turned away from him. i wanted to be in his arms but waht if my father saw the it would be the end of me I suddenly found myself crying again it hurt knowing that I couldn't have him. I buried my face in my knees i felt a gentle touch on my hand i lifted my head to see Timothy he gave me a warm smile.

"You know if you tell me you will feel better."

"I cant, I am afraid you will reject me" I said softly.

"please" he pleaded.

I looked deep into his hazel eyes, I scooted closer in front of him so that we were face to face. I cupped both his hand causing him to blush.

"Timothy is it wrong to like..." I paused for a moment "a boy?"

His Eyes lit up and a little smile appeard on his face but I didn't think much of it.

"Of course not its no different from liking a girl" he said.

"Timothy have you ever liked a boy?" I asked as I pulled him closer.

His face became brighter.

"As a matter of fact yes and iv often wondered if he felt the same."

My heart sped up his words gave me strange sighns  did he mean me or was he talking about someone els? I was afraid to ask.

" and what if the boy did like you back but was afraid to tell you."

Timothy Smiled. "then I would tell him don't be."


                                                     ok this is the end of the preview the full story should be

                                   posted in a few weeks i hope you like it my grammer may not be good but i try



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