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The Hum of Humanity (Part one)

   September 20, 2015

In exactly seven days my sister will be sixteen. Man how time flies. Although I'm ten years older than her and her oldest brother aside from our other eighteen year old brother, I can't help but feel happy and sad that's she growing up. I've always looked out for her but I know I won't be able to stop the inevitable lessons of life. The heartbreak, the loneliness, and the great beat downs in general that life will throw. There I will be powerless. But I'm happy regardless. On a separate note I just saw a documentary that claimed that scientists found an ocean under the Asian continent. Fascinating. An alien ocean with perhaps alien life right under our feet. There is so much to nature it's unbe how well we know it. 


  September 28 2015

My sisters birthday was a great success glad she had a lot of fun! Took her out to eat then to movies with my mom, brother and myself then to Navy pier. Luckily the weather was nice despite being in Chicago. Got her a brand new tablet that just came out also and her cake. Overall she enjoyed it. This is random, but I been hearing on another documentary about a "hum" that people claim to hear everyday on a Canadian village. No one knows where it's coming from except that some people have gone mad and have even mutilated their own ears to stop it. Scary. 


  October 6 2015

Doing my research paper alien life. I always been at odds with my mom about alien life since she is a very religious woman. But I refuse to accept that we are the only intelligent species in the whole galaxy let alone the universe. Call me arrogant but there has to be. 


  October 18 2015

No one knows I keep a diary haha. I just use it to escape and to write my real thoughts every day. Not even my ex girlfriends have known about it and I would never open up to anyone, doesn't feel safe I feel vulnerable if I do. That's the worst kind of feeling. Random I know, but the news is buzzing about people going insane in Canada about something. Weird. And also I just saw that the Chinese govt is going to to try to dig below the earths crust to reach that ocean they discovered a while back. The operation to is set to start by 2019. Wow. I have no idea how they'll get past the miles of crust to just get there or if we even have the technology. 


 November 2 2015

Things are getting really weird in Canada. The news claims that the "hum" has spread to other villages and it's causing mass violence and suicides. People are literally destroying their ear drums to make it stop and no one knows where this is coming from. Hard to imagine a humming noise every second of the day. I feel bad for them. Some scientists claim it's from the atmosphere others say it's from magnetic interference. They were even able to record the actual and played it on the news. It's like this slow pulsating rythmatic noise. Can't imagine listening to that for too long. I scare my sister and brother by telling them it's like something from a scary game or movie ha. This has been going on for a while now I don't know why they are still reporting on it. Based on I researched on the Internet it says that some people from as far as the 1700 hundreds heard something like that. 


  November 22 2015

its just a couple days from thanksgiving and I can tell you we are very lucky to be here more than ever, safe and away from what's going on in Canada. They released a report from a coroners office that was supposedly leaked to the media in Toronto about the deaths and mutilations that people have done to themselves because of the hum. It's scary as hell!! It stated that their brain had undergone a mutation unlike anyone has ever seen. Turns out the brain of the people who have been exposed to the hum have experienced a drastic degenerative condition to their brain. It's like 3/4 of their brain die. By that stage the people literally become savage and increased aggressiveness. Idk how's that's possible I'm studying for homeland security not a brain surgery. How is that possible shouldn't a person die after that kind of trauma to the brain?? Scary man. 


  November 25 2015

 unconfirmed reports of people hearing the hum in Toronto. What the hell is going on up there? Is the the thing spreading? It's a noise for goodness sake, just find the source and pull the plug. My mom, sister and brother are getting scared. As the one that's always making jokes I must admit this is getting serious. 


  November 29 2015

  Thanksgiving was great and now Black Friday shopping. Bought myself a new 55 in tv!! Can't wait to play call of duty on here!! Bought my mom a laptop for her and my brother some headphones. My sister didn't get anything she got a really expensive gift for her birthday so nope!! Ha. I'm kidding I bought her a small camera



  December 12 2015

 Toronto has been placed under a quarantine. There's been riots and violence throughout the city with some reports saying that some people are attacking and killing others for no apparent reason. The Canadian military issued a statement saying their military had stopped all access to the city because of the spread of the "disease by noise." That does not make sense at all. It's a freaking noise not a disease. How the hell are they going to stop a noise from spreading?? People have been given a special earpiece to help block out the hum. Hopefully it works. 


  January 16 2016

   I haven't weote in a while because I been busy with school and the holidays but now it's time again. I hate to be a pessimist but our holidays where everything but happy. The U.S and other countries are assisting the Canadians with the hum. The quarantine (surprise suprise) failed. According the news Toronto has been lost to the hum. The civilians attacked the military to try to get out away from the "evil noise" because it turns out that the special ear pieces are only used for when astronauts go to space and hence not enough for every single individual in the city. And also the military received over 71% of the shipment for themselves and whatever was left for the citizens. The U.S is refusing to send any of our ear aids for fear it might reach us. This is serious man. There's so much going on, the war between Ukraine and Russia and air war in the Middle East and now this. An entire city with over 300,000 people lost?! What does that mean? This isn't a video game or a movie this is real. Canada's economy has almost collapsed and now they talking about esta martial law in Canada.  My mom is thinking of going to Mexico with all of us. 


  January 21 2016

  confirmed reports of the hum on Vancouver and Niagra falls. 


  January 25 2016

  the media has started calling the people "infected" with the hum "hummers."  Good lord. They interviewed a refugee from Toronto and what she said was alarming at best. She said the people started attacking and killing people, beating them to death with no remorse. She said saw a 60 year old woman with the strength of five men. They showed no disregard to any person including children. This is all we see now. All day. 


  January 29 2015

  Canadian scientists have concluded that the people that started killing others on Toronto and now in Vancouver were suffering from the same degenerative problem that earlier residents experienced after they were exposed to the hum. According to them, it starts with hallucinations as part of the brain shuts down followed by seizures, fever, migraines and loss consciousness. This is followed by extreme violence with disregard to self preservation and attacking anyone they see. As the brain shuts down even more the more aggressive they become. They can't explain why they won't just...die. What drives them to kill other people and extreme violence?? One researcher went as far as to say that "...they are no longer human. Just shells of what they used to be. " what if the hum is what keeps them going? I just thought of that.


  February 17 2015

  the U.S has closed the border with Canada after acknowledging that Vancouver had been over run. How can they fight something we can't see, not even under a microscope? Canada is disarray with the hum being reported all across their country. Europe has closed off their access points as well. People are afraid of contracting this thing but it's a noise a little annoying noise!!! Why can't they find it? Why?? We been to space we have all this technology and a little noise that nature is producing has brought down a country??! How?! We can make genetically modified food, we can seed the sky for rain, we can make hurricanes less powerful but not a noise?!? The influx of refugees have hit Chicago hard. We can't buy almost no food with the economy also suffering there are countless people on the street. And there's still reports of the Canadian military wrestling with the hummers and now "beaters" a new term that refers to the final stage of degenerative mode where the hummers become the most aggressive and violent. Think of the hummers times a hundred. Those things become athletes sprinting and running over obstacles. My family is scared and I'm scared also. This could not be happening this is real life not a game not a movie. I dropped out of school already. The mayor says that next month he'll be giving out vouchers for food only to residents. The refugees will be handled by the humanitarian crises department. 


  March 27 2015

  this time last year, I was happy. Excited. I went on a road trip then for a new job then went back to school. Bought my mom what she wanted. I was so happy man. Why has everything changed? It's like the universe just said "ha those people are too happy. Time to ruin that." It's not fair and I hate to admit it I'm 25 but im scared. So scared like I never felt. I just want to wake up and out of this nightmare. But it happened. It finally happened. After all that false security. I was so thankful that this was far from home. I felt so grateful. Not to sound ignorant. Vouchers have run out for the city and the U.S military, OUR military has enacted martial law. I never thought that was possible. Never. The hum has reached New York and Maryland. The Canadian military has been routed on multiple cities and bunkered down by Vancouver. They are launching air strikes against the infected cities. But it's not enough. We seen footage of tanks and helicopters attacking ground targets but some of the soldiers have begun experiencing the hum effects. The ear protection only delayed the inevitable. 


  April 7 2015

  New York and Maryland is being evacuated. Two entire states. Report of hummers and beaters on those states. Today is my brothers birthday. He turned 19. 


  April 27 2015


  Stores no longer sell anything. Refugees from Canada are being moved to other states. The military gives us rations every day at 12 noon. No more cable, Internet is slow. I read online the army is fighting the hummers in New York trying to stall them while the evacuation proceeds. An estimate by the CDC says that over 6 million on both states have been "infected."  Anyone showing symptoms of the hum need to be reported immediately. We plan on leaving to Mexico next month. 


 May 20 2015

   Moms birthday was yesterday. Didn't celebrate it. We are getting ready for a bus to pick us up and drop us in Texas. Chicago has been fallen apart even with the army. The east coast has been "infected" with the hum with the latest reports saying it was now in Florida. 


  October 9 2025


  it started with a hum. A single annoying little hum that put us in our place. To remind us that we were not gods with our technology. To let us know we did not know anything about anything as we thought so. We thought we knew nature. But no. I turned 35 last month. Ten years ago that hum started and routed humanity. I used to keep a diary when I was younger. I lost it though in the confusion of when we're leaving Chicago in 2015. Ha how naive I must've sounded in that old diary. I hardly remember that. It's funny how I've almost forgotten. But that's that what I want though. Shortly after leaving Chicago in 2015 the hum reaches Illinois. People from all over the state flocked to highways and airports. The army told us at a checkpoint that all transport was being conducted by them now no personal or commercial vehicles. I was so scared. Ha it's funny now that I think about it that cried as I hugged my mom and sister and brother because the transport truck the army had room for 5 more but there was a lady with a little girl next to me.  What else could've I done? I pretended to board then got out and told the lady to get in. The last thing I remember was my sister and mom crying shouting at me with tears running down her cheeks. Despite the noise and screaming of others I heard my sisters voice scream something that was probably worse than the hum itself. " I hate you! I hate you!." Those were the last things I heard as the truck roared away. I stayed there, the only one standing amongst the confusion, pushing and shouting. I cried like I never thought I could ever ever cry. 




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