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A maidens dream chapters 1 to 3



was it her fears or the black ooze that had brought this demon to life??
She hadn’t noticed but the door she had just passed was now opened and the creature that was once held there had escaped!
It was now after its first victim! Her!! With a scream and a mighty push she was borne.
The baby of the queen had huge blue eyes the kind of eyes that could foresee the future pains and the joy of life.
The queen wept the tears of sorrow, for she knew
that the young maiden faced a future of pain and misery.
The young child grew rather quickly in her young years,
discovering many new things every day with her inquiring ways.
The castle walls echoed with the sweet sounds of a happy child’s
laughter and joy. Ringing through the long and winding halls!
As time passed by the young girl started to explore the
lower floors.
It had taken her just 3 years to find the passage way to fate!
As she crept down the dark and narrow hall the walls seemed to drip
a strange and exiting fluid. She had barely made her way to the first corner,
when her mother the queen called her name!
Here I am mommy her yell rebounding off the walls. I’m down here!
The queen snatched the child by the arm, Just where are you going my child?
My are exploring mommy my see new things!
Exploring is a good thing said the queen, but best ye not wander too far.
And this is a mite too far indeed!

The queen quickly grabbed her arm and led her away to a safe place within the castle.
However the burning desire to learn more about the passage ate at the maiden.
It took but 3 days before she returned to the passage way.
As the maiden ventured deeper than the previous times, she discovered more wonderful and exiting things!
As with all children, with age came curiosity and the thirst for adventure.
Little did she realize that her world was about to change!
For she was a young woman at this time age of 15 years ,
and her newest quest into this secret place she had found would place her in grave danger !!
The maiden had decided to take a torch along to light her way down the dark and musty passage ways .For she had planned to venture deeper than in the past.
She knew that should the queen find out about it she would be furious with her!
As the maiden wandered down the dark and winding path she heard something strange to her ears
could this be the danger the queen had warned her of?? Perhaps!
The maiden took a deep breath and proceeded down the ever narrowing path.
She had gone but 10 paces when she saw it... a door in the side of the path.
This door looked like no other door she had seen before!
It dripped strange ooze, thick and black. The sight if it created quite a fear within her!!
Perhaps the queen was right she thought. Perhaps I should not have ventured this far!!
The maiden had decided to follow the passage to its end so onward she pressed!
As she crept down the ever narrowing hall she heard a strange sound emitting from behind her.
She looked over her hunched over shoulder and saw it!!

She let out a blood curdling scream and ran down the pathway.
She had no choice but to run deeper into the darkness!!
Could this be the evil the queen had hoped to protect her from?? or was there something worse?
She bolted directly into the arms of a knight who had heard her scream and had come to her aid!
Run straight ahead don’t take any turns and you will be safe!
Hurry, the knight told her!
She ran as fast as she could! When she rounded the next bend she saw a light, an opening!
At last she was out of the passage way!
The maiden turned to look back at the passageway exit, it was a cave opening!
Hearing the sounds of a mighty battle emitting from the mouth of the cave, she ran to the top of the grassy know in front of her! Her knight was in a battle to the death with the evil minion of the queen!
The knight had defeated the minion, but at a price! , he had been mortally wounded! And his sword had been broken!
As he staggered out of the cave opening he saw someone standing alone in the distance!
The blood running in his eyes kept him from telling who it was.
The knight new that he needed help and fast!
He was fading fast but luck would be on his side for he knew who it was.

It was a maiden young and fair, that stood on a hill with long flowing hair.
Tending to her knights wounds with tender loving care,
she had risked her very life, just to be there!
She knelt down beside him, with a tear in her eye and whispered softly ...
fear not for I won’t let you die!
She knelt down beside her young knight,
and held him close.
Fear not she said, for I will not abandon you.
With a great and magical might lifted him up on his trusty steed, and led the horse to her castle.
Open the gate she demanded!
As the draw bridge lowered she saw the grand wizard approaching.
Hurry to the aid of my noble knight oh grand wizard!
Restore the life the evil minions seek to destroy!
I will try my queen. The wizard stated. I will try my best!
Into the wizards den they went.
The wizard levitated the knight to his healing table.
Removed the armor to see a gaping hole in the knight’s body!
Fear not my queen for my magic will heal him.
Now be gone with you so that I may work my magic spells!
The maiden mounted her steed,
and rode off into the setting sun as the wizard turned to the task at hand.
His first spell placed the wounded knight on the table of magic.
Meanwhile the young queen approached her castle with a tear on her cheek.
Why she thought must the evil persist against my land?
The clatter of the horse’s hooves upon the cobble stones
echoed her sorrow at the prospect of losing yet another!
The castle loomed large in front of her as the steed increased its pace,
suddenly with a mighty flash of light,
an evil vision appeared! Tis I who placed the curse upon your land,

A curse that may only be broken by a true act of loving kindness.
The land shall not yield and the blood shall flow,
like the river. river mangoes!
The water upon your land shall be that of dragon mire and horse dung.
The curse of shall fall upon your young!
No fertile seeds upon your land will be found,
your peaceful life shall be bound!
Now that she knows the nature of the curse,
it made the fear within her worse!
The maiden realizes that she needs help with this matter,
the kind that required more than a sword and Axe can provide!

With a heart filled with despair she rode on towards the castle.
As she neared the gates to the castle a strange sound arose to her young ears .
What matter of noise is this? She wondered. Perhaps the queen has an answer to my question.
For she is the wisest of the land after all!
The maiden spurs the steeds on faster with a swift heal.
Faster she raced trailing a cloud of dust behind her.
upon entering the gate a nearby bush leapt into flames ,
the land here must be truly cursed she thought .as she slowed her steed to a trot
Across the vast court yard she rode , up to the stable doors and dismounted her loyal steed .
A stable hand met her and led the beast away.
as she turned toward the ivory tower that held the queen ,
she heard the sound of horse hooves on the cobble stone path that led deep in to the stables,
and knew her horse would be safe there .for now any way.
Now her attentions focused on finding her mother the queen!
She hurried across the cobblestone path to the towers door.
As she entered her eyes fell upon an eerie sight.

The tower had a strange glow about it as if it’s very walls were ablaze of fire, and almost seemed alive!
As she started up the long spiral staircase a step at a time, a sudden urgency seemed to fall over her.
She quickened her pace taking the steps two at a time.
She was only half way up the stairs when she heard it for the second time!
Kind of a low muffled sound, like that of a child weeping off in a faraway place .it caused her to



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