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Ghostly love

Dreaming in the land of light and hope
thinking of love, I wander slow
I see a wisp of sentimental smoke
float upon the shadow of a ghost.

I sit beneath the lone willow tree,
and beckon the ghost to sit with me.
we stare at each others lustful qualitys
my life and light, his depth and anonimity

I question lightly can we be,
can this ghost ever be with me
he answers softly and mumbles true
this ghost would like to be with you.

Then I wonder aloud in trust,
why must I wait why not at once?
Ghost replys, it's not for me
to decide what is most just for thee .

Then I feel the lasting torment
of being nothing, a ghosts lament.
I know that now is not the time
for time must pass before I rise.

And when I do then I will see
standing waiting by this tree
the love I miss, finally free
the ghost that will wait for me.

A long embrace we shall share
as we cross this lovers dare
to be true for ever more
leading us to distant shores.

A single kiss shall not be
enough to hold this ghost and me
from the darkness that follows near
we shall bond, our meaning clear.

When we wake at heavens call
our love will be much more than all
these things that now seem so dear
will wash away with a ghostly tear.

Now I wait for that time
when ghost and I will be entwined
together at last for all to see
together forever the ghost and me.
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