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Job Perks


She is a coworker of mine at a minimum wage job. There are about eight of us, give or take, since on a regular basis someone leaves and a new face arrives.


She has been on board for about a year now. At one point she took a long holiday and was not sure if they would take her back. But she is once again at her regular post of duty and seems quite comfortable in this low pressure, low paying job.


One morning I happened to pass by at her  station. We sat a while and chatted. There had been a problem that morning. The key, which is supposed to open the room where the files and master keys are kept, did not work. Bummer! She had to call a superior, who was not too happy to be disturbed on a weekend morning. He arrived and fixed the problem, grumbling and mumbling.


It often happens in life that someone asks me to pray for them. It often happens that I ask someone to pray for me as well, whether it concernr a situation or a loved one who is having problems or is ill.


As it was, I was headed for a house of worship, dressed in my weekend finery, and was sure to hear the call to prayer requests, a usual routine in that congregation. 


Most were silent prayers, but several would always ask for this, that or the other thing. Most were specific requests, some just asked for peace in the world or regarding a conflict that was on the front pages that week.


One person, who sat with me and some others during the coffee time afterward, would ask that I pray regarding a real estate matter. I always responded to any prayer requests in the same way.


"I will definitely pray for you. It will be the best prayer I know - 'May His will be done in your life.'"


So when my coworker posed the question of "Will you pray for me?" I fully expected her to say something like - "May my key work better next time," or - "May the supervisor not get on my case," or some such specific thing.


"Sure," I said, "What is it?"


"Pray that my faith be increased."


I was shocked and felt my eyes get blurry and moist.


"Why, that's the most beautiful prayer request I ever heard," I blurted out.


She smiled pleasantly. "Well, I notice that people of faith live differently. I like the way they are."


I smiled and agreed to 'do my thing' to honor her request. 


Walking down the street to the house of worship, I couldn't help being grateful that I decided to stop and visit with her for a few minutes. I would not have missed this beautiful moment for anything.


Mind you, this person had told me a while back that she was not too interested in living as an old person and having various illnesses. She only had the use of one hand due to a previous catastrophic illness which was now in remission. She appeared content, but in close conversations I knew she was a bit fatalistic.


So when she put out that request, it felt like the sun was coming out from behind a dark cloud.


So many people I have met in my travels have a certain set mind, as I do most of the time, and to see someone transform from their old way with a hope to move on to a newer and brighter way, is something that makes life worthwhile for me.


No, I don't speak any prayer requests out loud. That is not my way. Actually, my every breathing moment in a kind of prayer. 


The Good Book says that God does not slumber or sleep. That's a good thing because I forget so many things and I would hate for Him to take a nap while I'm sleeping. That would not be very good at all, since I do appreciate my breathing, whether I'm aware of it or not.


When you come to think of it, there are some really good perks in a low paying job, especially if I take a few minutes out of my busy schedule to chat with a friend.


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