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I've wandered down to the waters edge, to ponder past and a promised pledge.
Like the waves of the sea washing over my feet, my mind takes to wandering past months, days an dweeks.
So far have I come, and yet so far to go. Regret washes over me as waters over stones.
What my heart and my mind may choose to recall, precious memories and yet they cause me to fall.
They keep me from moving from where I must go
forward to new life, new memories, new goals.
Trying to let loose of a past yet too dear,
As it tears at my soul and gives me great fear.
Can I hope as I pray that each day will bring
new content and strengths that will not be as string.
But as the three cords when tied firmly as one,
bind two hearts together as one soul they become.
And so my relection I watch rippling past,
in the waves that do carry my sweet memories to last
out to rivers and oceans that swirl wild and free,
but never gone forever for they are part of me.
I've grown and I've learned from each memory so true,
So, I'll keep them always but hidden from veiw.
Just so they cause not any heartache and pain,
Whether it be to new love or past love in vain.
It's time to move on, leave my past where it lies,
Have my soul carry on, and my heart not to cry.
Since these tears fall when hearts cry out in pain,
cause sorrow to all in my life once again.
Please give me the strength, the will and the might,
to start my new life afresh, free from strife.
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