Monster Riveer | By: Dorsey Baker | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share

Monster Riveer

As he was crossing the bridge

he looked down and saw the

monster river as it rolled along.

It was carrying small boats, canoes,

and barges upon its back.

To the monster river their small

weight didn't matter in the slightest.

the monster river was able to carry many

of them at the same time.

The monster river was so big and powerful it

didn't need anybody's help to do anything.

People enjoy crossing the monster river.  They like its

darkness and the way it moves the waves upon its strong

back.  He had crossed the bridge many times and he always 

looked down there to see if he could see people on the monster 

river and he always felt that the monster river was looking back 

up at him as he was crossing over.  Its dark eyes full of mystery!

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