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The One

Traveling mile after mile,
Town after town.
No matter who tries to help her,
she still has her frown.

She walks lonely and sad,
dragging her tired feet.
She continues down
to where the land and sky meet.

Tears stream down her face,
as she walks slowly down.
She goes and goes,
until she can't see the town.

Acceptance is hard.
She knows the feeling.
Without the one she needs there,
they're unsure of how she's dealing.

Hopelessness and despair
plague her mind.
No one can help her,
no matter how much or how kind.

She knows she will walk through
a forest of dismay,
until she meets the one
who will help her find her way.

It'll be a hard journey,
she doesn't know what she's in for,
but if it will lead her to the one,
she will be ready for what's in store.

He will give her the strength
to carry on.
And with their love,
they can't go wrong.

Love and acceptance
for who she really is
will come from the one,
because she is meant to be his.

He will wipe away
tears that she's cried.
And he will understand
the feelings inside.

She will try to find
the one she's looking for.
And after she finds him,
she will find happiness once more.
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