BEACH FIND 1959 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Children Bookmark and Share


It was a group visit
to the beach
from the nursing home

the kids in lines of twos
the nuns along side
and following up behind
two nuns up front
leading the way

Anne was with Skinny Kid
who was pushing her wheelchair

Sister Agnes said
we can pick seaweed
and keep shells
Skinny Kid said

I hate organized fun
Anne said
it ain't fun
if it's organized
what the heck is fun
in getting seaweed
or collecting shitty shells?

something to do
I guess
the Kid said

putting spiders
in girl's beds is fun
or down the neck
of the dresses

but heck no fun
in shell finding
or collecting darn seaweed

hey Kid do you recall
that nun that green
behind the habit nun
who came the other week
and we put
a kiss me quick note
on her back
and Sister Paul said
who did it? to us all
and everyone
looked at me?

yes I do
the Kid said

well Kid that's fame
that's what fame
smells like

they all stopped
at a section of the beach
and walked down
onto the sands

(Anne pushed
by the Kid)
and walked and looked
around for seaweed
and shells

Anne sat
in the wheelchair
gazing at the sea
and bright horizon
the Kid beside her
sitting on the sand

hey Kid what's that
down there
by your foot

the Kid looked down
on the sand
and picked up
between fingers
a rubbery item

is it a kind of fish?
he asked

Anne smiled
heck no Kid
it's a condom

what's that?
the Kid asked

best put it down Kid
if the nuns see you
with it they'll say
put it down
you don't know
where it's been

shall I show
Sister Paul?
the Kid said

said Anne
and a grin spread
on her face
an idea flowed
in her head.

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