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Catching New Emotions

Catching new Emotions.
K.S. Altman

It was a warm night like so many before. From the current weather it looked as if an early summer would grace the small Pennsylvania Town. Friday night in the hamlet was always the salvation for teenagers as they frolicked around, enjoying the fact that they would not awake for school in the coming morning.
Upon a trail by the river, Phil walked along side it with the company of the illuminating street lamps. It was a sad moment for him. Previous to his little walk he was told by his crush Crystal that love could not exist between them. In words that were hoarse the blonde haired girl exclaimed” I just want to be friends”.
He walked with his head down as the silhouetted dreams he had had about her were diminishing. Now nothing. The night air was quiet but he thought the worst thing was when he would approach his friends and tell them the news that all the energy and hopes he had devoted to her, had gone to waste.
Phil was a boy of small words, so when he expressed himself it was always in a manner that was easily distracted. He was slightly over weight and always made excuses before things even happened.
Nonetheless in light of all the events and everything she had put him through he did his best to brace himself of the emotional train wreck that was to come. “Why”, he muttered to himself. “what is wrong with me. I always thought that if I was a good guy everything would come to me. I did my best to be courteous with her, never used strong language, never did anything vulgar”. The boy had been a good student more perhaps to impress his goddess then to help his own good.
He was a senior and already was accepted to college. Indeed, he was sure to meet some other girl a thousand times better then the one he was destroying him self over. Yet the crazy thing with love is that every time we find some one we like, we always feel they are the only people on this earth that matter. In five years he would forget about her, and she would only be “that one girl I liked in high school”.
He was approaching an elderly couple basking in the beautiful night. Seeing them walk hand in hand, it seemed that no escape would come to his mind.
“I have to get over her”, he thought. “I will be a better man if I can just move on”. Yes, the notion of moving on was in itself breath taking. Crystal had been his dream for seven months but the entire chase was a nightmare. Constant rumors flashing around both of them when she found out he possessed feelings for her. It was a phase in his life he could not wait to forget.
The lights along the path were poetic, and the moon between two clouds gave him the impression of security. He would, no doubt scream out her name before he went to bed, and she would be the first thought to enter his mind when he awoke. But for now, this was a moment of reflection. A moment when he could actually hear the world around him, and reject the evil song his mind played. For now he would keep walking on that trail. Not just the trail by the river but on the trail of life. When problems arise he will reflect on them and not drown them with wild emotion. This was a new form of Phil.
Tired, dazed and confused he walked the path of life, looking for the truth and no longer represented un fulfilled dreams…
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