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K.S. Altman.

My friend Travis is an unattractive kid. He isn’t much to look at but I tell you there is no one with a better heart. Every day for weeks him and I would talk about our hopes to discover love. He liked a girl named Chelsea. His kindness however, is never realized until you get to know him. If you were to notice him across a room, then you would interpret him as nothing but a slow, dim witted teen.
He sits in his class trying to take glances at the girl, he thought liked him back. Upon the discovery of his feelings she began to try to conceal it from her friends, in order to avoid embarrassment.
As a friend, I noticed he was having trouble with the emotional stress. I liked to think that we may have one day been able to talk about his relationship yet some how I knew that day would never come.
Today he began with the “today is the day I will ask her out”, I was completely tuned out because he said this every other day before. In our history class he took a long look at her from his seat in the back row. Heaved a deep breath, looked at me and said “Here I go”. I took quick glances at the scene about to take place.
I know the feeling when you approach a girl with the intention of finding an answer. Your mind starts to play tricks on you. Then a queasy feeling over takes your body. Then your steps are over, your in front of her, you’ve gained her attention. Now what?
Travis stood awkwardly, gazed hard and asked the simple question “Will you go out with me?”. With out even looking at him, she replied “I have a boy friend”. My heart sank. In that moment I knew feelings were obliterated. Still in the adrenaline trance he returned slowly back to his seat and rubbed the tears out of his eyes.
When this happens to boys and girls the day is twice as long. Then your friends run up to you wanting to know the results and you tell them, and the pain returns. High School is a jungle. The pretty people always come out on top while those with pure hearts are forced to stand in the corner at other’s happiness. This game of attraction and the question of a potential relationship is always cruel and difficult but the one who succeeds, is the one who keeps trying.

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