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Shakir's Roar

In a land south of Kenya, there lived a group of animals and they were led by their fierce leader, Asad (the lion). Asad was a strong leader and also very impartial. Asad gathered his entire kingdom so he may advise them.

“The spear carriers have been hunting down our brethren. They slaughter them, leaving behind nothing but bones.”

“My sire,” said his best friend, Ali, “How are we supposed to defeat these spear carrying warriors? They are too powerful.”

“We shall use the teeth and sharp claws that God gave us to defend ourselves. When they attack, we shall leave no one left alive” said Asad.


Asad has a son, named Shakir (he who gives thanks). Shakir was a very shy and timid cub. He was soft-spoken, and only spoke when addressed. Shakir did not see any point in taking lives. He was a wise young cub and knew that death only lead to more death.


While wrapping up his speech, a spear was fired at Asad. It struck him in his chest and he fell off of the cliff he was perched on top of. The animals watched his body as it hit the floor almost in slow motion. They all turned their heads to see the troops of spear carriers coming to kill them. Ali quickly took action and deployed the troves of animals to defeat the spear carriers.

Death was everywhere as each side was decimated. Shakir was preoccupied with his father. He was dying as Shakir held Asad in his arms. “Don’t be afraid my son. I know you have great power inside you,” said Asad. His body went limp.

Shakir was in disbelief that his father was dead. With tears streaming down his face, Shakir let out a roar in honor of his father. The roar would echo throughout the battlefield, as well as the rest of continent.

Upon hearing the roar, the battle stopped and everybody froze. Shakir climbed atop the cliff. All of the spear carriers saw the determination in Shakir’s eyes. They did not falter however. They all threw their spears in unison at Shakir. They had not realized that a new power had been awakened in him. He danced through the spears with an agility unknown to regular eyes. He let out another roar and it rendered the spear carriers unconscious.

When they reawakened they saw young Shakir perched atop the cliff once more and he opened his mouth to speak...

“Why must we fight? Are we not all living beings? Can we not coexist?”

All of the animals kneeled before their new king. They also bowed their heads. Shakir turned his gaze to the spear carriers. He snarled and they all dropped their spears and faced him. They kneeled and each one put a hand on his chest.

The spear carriers took an oath of non-violence and vowed to never pick up their spears again. Apparently, they had no ideas that the animals could talk. They all became vegetarians and refused to eat animal meat again.

Shakir then became the undisputed king of the land and violence never erupted there again. He was the chosen one and his roar would erupt throughout the land every once in awhile. He was peaceful and just. Unlike his father, he never allowed violence to happen in his land. The animals and spear carriers coexisted and killing was outlawed.


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