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The Turtle and The Bear

There was once, a long time ago, two friends, a Bear and a Turtle. They were great friends, however, the Bear would always make fun of the Turtle.One day the Turtle and the Bear met each other at their favrote place, it was a peacse full mellow with grass and a river, a place were animals can be at peace. As usual, the Bear would start making fun of the Turtle. The Bear cried “HAHAH, you must be soooo sad, because you are sooo small. I am so big and strong, all the animals fear me . . . HAHAHA”. The Bear continued to laugh and laugh, until, the Turtle had enough. “augh, no i am not” cried the Turtle. For a few minutes the turtle started to think “ how can i get back at the bear” he thought in his head. Suddenly he said, “ you know, i can jump over you.” moments passed and the bear started to laugh so much to the point where he started to rub his tummy. “HAHA, don't be a fool, you can not jump over me. Don't say that again, before someone hears you and you embarrass yourself even more”. “ You must be sooo happy to have a friend like me” said the cocky bear. The turtle was furious, so he screamed again “ I will prove it to you, we will meet at your house and i will show you that i can jump over you” said the Turtle. “ Fine we will meet tomorrow. If you can jump over me, which is obvious you can’t, i won't make fun of you again”. so the Turtle and the Bear promise to meet each other at the Bear’s house. But there was one problem, the Turtle could not jump over the Bear, he knew he was in trouble. As fast as the Turtle could, he hurried home his wise wife. He told her the story and she told him a plan. “ why don’t we trick the Bear” she said. “ That is a good idea, but how” cried the worried Turtle. “ We will create an illusion, the Bear lives by a river full of fish. In the morning, he will be hungy oviously, so he will be distracted by the river.You my husband, will stand on a rock that is a near the river and i will pertend to be you and be on the other side of the bear. While hiding my face and at that moment you will get down from the rock and speak



the Bear will not notice” she said. the Turtle was amazed by his wife.”Thank you, my dear” said the Turtle.

It was early next morning, as the Turtle was excited but nervous at the same time. Many thoughts ran through the Turtle’s head “ what if the bear finds out that i tricked him, he will be furious. What if the plan doesn't work”. The Turtle was scared burt he knew he had to do it for his pride. His pride was running low to the point where if he was to take another insult from the Bear he would run out of hope. When they reached the bear’s house they immediately put everything together. The Turtle climbed a rock while his wife hid. the bear came out exhausted for it was early dawn in the morning.” Here i am Turtle, ready to show me that you can jump over me, if you can, show me when you are ready and i will be at the river hunting for fish.” So the bear started to hunt for fish in the river and the turtle waited for hours and hours. Until the Bear was totally distracted. Their plan was working. The Turtle then climb down from the rock and started to speak “ see, bear i jumped over you”. The Bear was to distracted with fish to watch the Turtle.The Bear never questioned the Turtle to do it again, because he was so shocked.So as he promised he never bothed the turtle again. And the lived happy ever after, without any more insults.




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