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The Diary of Faith

Chapter 1:Well before I start writing my thoughts down I probably should tell you about myself diary. I'm the 6th kid in a family of get this diary 23 kids! I guess it'd take so long for me to explain it all do it as I go along. My name is Faith Love Thomard. I was born July 28th 2007 to Mara and Justin Thomard. There both famous. My mom's a big rapper and my Dad's the hearthrob of a band called The Hearthrobs. Also my mom's real name is Katie. Her manager had her change it to Mara. The story of them is one about how fame ruins peoples lifes. My mom was discovered when she was 15 in a small town called Royal, Iowa USA. My dad was already famous in the Hearthrobs which he'd been in since he was 15 too. My Dad is 6 years older then my mom. My Mom met him when he was helping her work on writing songs for her album. Although my mom hasn't been quite right in my opionion. I know that sounds mean but I really don't like my mom. Anyways I'm not famous but right now my parents are on again. See my mom has this problem with monagamy. She just likes going between my Dad and my dad's ex best friend and still bandmate Joey Mason. Oh well if I'm lucky she will just leave me alone. I can't help but wonder why my mom is like this. Oh well. Right now were living in New York City. I like this apartment we got here. My mom and my dad together own 4 houses. We have this nice apartment here and we got a 3 story mansion in London. We also got a winter house in Mineopolis MN and a summer house in Orlando, FL. I like the tour buses too. Just because your 35 and 41 doesn't mean you can't tour. I'll write more later. Love, Faith
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