OUT OF MY HEAD 1940 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Despair Bookmark and Share


We'd danced until 
there was no time left, 
the people 

were beginning to leave, 
Clive and I 
walked along 

the London streets 
hand in hand, 
we walked back 

to my house, 
I invited him in, 
the maid 

had gone off 
for the night, 
as I wanted us 

to be alone, 
then once 
we got undressed, 

were in bed, 
we kissed, 
I opened up to him, 

then I wake up to blackness, 
I hear noise 
on the ward 

voices and a trolley 
being wheeled around, 
I am lying on my back,

and I panic 
for a moment or two, 
wondering where I am, 

then it hits me, 
I'm in hospital, 
I'm blind, 

I reach down 
with my hands,
I know before 

I am there 
that my legs have gone, 
just the stumps, 

and I want the dream again 
want Clive and us 
making love, 

but it has gone the dream, 
and Clive, 
I hear a voice call out 

about a nurse,
but I feel on the edge, 
feel along side 

of the bed, 
can't get the dream 
out of my head.

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