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My boyfriend and I just got from work and did some strolling in the mall. After having a hearty lunch, we walked for a bit more then decided to ride a taxi cab rather than the usual jeepney ride since we were already exhausted.


As we rode a cab, we directed the taxi driver to drop off my boyfirend first then me next (we live like 20 minutes apart). As we were talking about crazy things and laughing together, my boyfriend noticed that the taxi meter wasn't turned on yet so he told the driver to switch it on. The driver apologized and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that I'm not my usual self today. You see, I just came out of prison and searching for my wife and kids. I am trying to call her but she never picks up the phone." Having worked as customer service representatives for the longest time, my boyfriend acknowledged and said, "I'm sorry to hear that but don't worry, there's always hope after every mistake or failures in life."


I'm not sure if the taxi driver even heard what my boyfriend said but he continued telling us about his life without us asking. He said he was previously a gunman for a politician and has killed a lot of people. He hurts them with brutality and gets paid a huge amount. He got apprehended and locked up in jail for four (4) years. He said he was well taken care of by his "big boss" while in jail and was now bailed out to continue doing the same things he used to do. He said he doesn't want to hurt people anymore and just wants to be reunited with his family. He wanted his wife to know that he has chosen to live a normal and sin-free life and even wishing that his wife knows that he now has a decent job to start with. You can sense the depression in his voice.


I almost lost my breathe for a couple of seconds thinking that we were speaking to a self-confessing "killer" who never had any qualms of telling us about his life. Any passenger would have been scared the moment he mentioned he was hurting people. I didn't want to be discrminating but I felt the priority at that time was our security.. my security since I was to travel alone as I drop off my boyfriend. With just a simple pinch on my boyfriend's hand, he understood immediately that I wouldn't want to be left alone with the driver (so did he) so he just told the taxi driver to drop us off the the nearest establishment. I'm just thankful that he didn't ask why we asked to be dropped off without having reached our original destination.


As I went home, I slept soundly having had a tiring day. Then I dreamed..


Someone by the name of "Paul" (this is just a fictitious name I chose to hide his identity) went to our house looking for me. He was oddly wearing a white "barong" suit. I knew him and he was to fetch me but I had to decline since I said I haven't taken a bath yet then we kissed cheek to cheek without him saying a thing. Just then, our dog, Winston jumped at him and gnarled really hard. I shove our dog off to keep my friend safe. Then suddenly, I woke up.


I had to interpret my dream as it was still running in my mind. The name "Paul" was actually the name of the murderer politician. Winston was an old dog we had when I was still a child. Putting the puzzle together, it seems like my dream is trying to warn me of danger that's just lurking around me. Winston was mad at "Paul" when he saw us kiss cheek to cheek. It's as if our dog was trying to protect me. And you know what gave me the goosebumps is the fact that "Paul" was actually wearing a white suit that is only worn during funerals.


Is this a premonition or is it just me and my paranoia? Creepy dream..

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