LUNCH AT BORDEAUX 1970 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share


We stopped at Bordeaux for lunch
and found a cafe

sat next to me
the others sat elsewhere
around other tables

I'll be glad to get
to our first base camp
so I can shower
and get my hair washed
Miriam said

can I wash your back?
I said

she smiled
I think the other women
in the female showers
might object
she said

I said

it is
she said

we ordered lunch
and beers
and she told me
about her job
and her parents

and I told her
about my nursing job
and my family

you're not married?
she said

no not yet
I said

do you want
to marry?

not yet
I like my freedom
to go where I want
when I want
I said

me too
she said

I sat studying her
as she talked
her tight red curly hair
her bright blue eyes
her small
but adequate breasts
her figure

did I really fall
asleep going
through Paris?
she said

yes you lay your head
on my shoulder

what was Paris like?

It was evening when
we went through
but it was all lit up
and the radio
was playing Beethoven
piano music
and it seemed
quite romantic
but you were asleep
so it was wasted
I said

she said
might make it up
when we get
to Sans Sebastian base camp
she said smiling

hope so
I said

our lunches came
and the waitress
set them down
on the table
and walked away
with a nice sway
of her butt

do you always gaze
at female butts?

no not always
just nice ones
I said

she shook her head
and we ate
as it was getting late.

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