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Little chocolate chip cookies in the shape of Hershey's kisses 545 can you tell me why hell's kitchen wasn't on tonight? I was all set to see tom voted off and it was some movie or something figured someone must know the score. what happened and there are lots of smart people here cause of the fuckin footy? scanner I knew I could count on you why wasn't hell's kitchen on tonight? I知 trying to narrow it down 545 I see thanks :) Him & the Drinks it DOES get hot. chef Ramsey likes to yell at everyone and get em mad twitch ~ storming here too haha pgnome (nice 2 c u btw) if it helps navigating in heavy traffic I知 all for it 545 flux ~ been knownst to change the whole language of a person you mean always? I can't get rid of the damned vision... lots of bake sales 545 gotta go thunder too close is that African or new England? go then I can pass through solid objects not like to walk through a brick wall but if like I知 doing the dishes and the faucets in my way reaching for something I move right through it its way cooler to do it than any approval I might get lots of worse ideas get mentioned you know how start with the things that stick out, hands - toes - shoulders. moving without obstruction is not so bad herm everyone I guess you don't know how easy it is to manipulate your attention ~ no process, no desk I知 telling the truth, tho. no doubt well it becomes whatever you say about it doesn't it as long as you're sure African or new England? the truth is everyone wants to know how to walk through a wall don't even bother lying this has nothing to do with me infinitribe it covers a lot organelle you're alright herm ~:) bts cracks the whip it's tigger. I知 high. just playin with you. I really can pass certain portions of "me" through "solid" objects under the "right" conditions tho ~ comma, tho. oh crow organelle it's my playground dammit there I just did it again my knuckle of my left hand through the edge of the closet door sticking out! so it's something to geek out over celebrating the best qualities in others by adapting them to your personality yes? and then to spend time around so many other intelligent open/minded people Yowza hell o boss nova groove salad stream h :) I boss ~ I can imagine the best of a person continuing to need a place to be on this plane this nice ~ exactly bts fuckin A :) we can make other things learn and grow? that learn and grow? I can dig that chrom half if we're lucky triplag now is the best in a series of moments that just keep getting better? me yeah I like it chrom when it's not true the thought is helping such a thing manifest the question mark isn't always "that" kind of question chrom what I mean is certain things have to be questions to make effective statements? that would suck chrom riddles are fun and engaging booooooring... instant gratification don't make me yawn chrom give it up I like questions so questions aren't going anywhere get it? but it already does 518 you're up to it there is a thing that won't get done if you don't do it. maybe even 2 most people think people are the shiznit I知 pretty high, yup. also pretty when not high ~ chrom do you know the wombat? the illuminati iz on this season o'24 here they come did it ever? ez enough running 2 different browsers, not that I have any other names try TRL it's ez to tell the REAL sages in here we're the first to put everyone else down ~ yes surely there are people not participating in dramas somewhere vita yeah hi hi hi hi first thing focus thus room to evolve beliefs being absolute it's showing off by tigger definition 518 mine has jets it IS pretty big, in a dimensional kinda way, I hafta admit ~ perhaps if you cleared away the condescending tone to make room for some other sort of language octo, I didn't ask progress like a thing budding or blooming or growing? what use is a stupid flower anyhow? why are you asking me? I didn't make it stupid for you, octo... why not what am I not exchanging octo I mean why not what am I not exchanging what - ok octopusdancer ELF ELF gunpowder treason and plot I know I liked your poetry weed, dope, herb, bud, grass nice round wordz ~ octo you know more about my country's history than I do can it label it sell it in the store irie octo I知 bound to do the opposite of anything anyone tells me it's my way of deciding whether or not you're trustworthy I always say the opposite of what I mean 518 everything nothing you talk of fluidity but it's still a lot of polarities - this or that, win or lose. and irie with the "time is not linear" as if anyone lives like that slogans ok 518 eztigger smears ashes on your head 666 he's faking it again I love it when it stalls like this pounce here's a good joke site... hai on pot that's me sai those are terrible. and funny no one without an ego talks about ego extract extract a "batch" Tim Conway's evil twin.
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