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A Day In The Life Of A Hard Working Man

I want to tell you about my grandfather "Nidge", he's my mother dad.The father of three girls the grandfather of ten and the great grandfather of seventeen and another on the way.He was always strong and able bodeyed in our minds ten foot tall and bullet proof. Thats untill he woke up one day and didnt know where her was what time it was or even what yaer it was>Our worst thoughts had come true, pop had dementure and had to go into a nurceing home.But ill take you back, I could tell you about how handsome he was or how when he worked on the docks in Melbourne he had so many girlfriends he made a date with two girls at the same time. Or how the chased a man down the driveway with a shovel for hitting his daugher.Nidge had a tempre he still does, but he never lost it with his kids or his grandkids he loved all kids. When my mother was going to school she had a teacher all the sudents hated him because he would yell at them and frightend the so much so that my mother refused to go to school. So Nidge jumped in the car and went to the school . He stood at the gate and waited for the tman in question to exit the school.Slowley one by one the teachers emerged from the shcool and the children gathered around the gate waiting for the show As soon as Nidge saw the teacher not waiting for him to get closer he stated to yell and call the teacher every name under the sun telling him off for scaring the kids with that the school yard errupted in cheer that teacher never botherd my mother or any other kids again.
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