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I loved that sound. You know the sound of screaming and begging for my actions to end. But they didn’t. I didn’t stop till they were dead and done.

“Ahh yes that’s how I will start this story….”

The stone cold eyes of his staring straight into mine. I didn’t want to scream, it would only cause more. So I let him continue. Him with his weapons, cutting away at me. The pain was so immense I almost passed out…

“Umm now what… oh yes the place…”

I was in a dusty and dirty basement, of this mad man. There were bars on the windows and cinder blocks blocking every escape when he left. So I had no way out. Not that I dare try, I already did that once…. That is something I do not want to ever experience again. The chains that are connected to the wall and that hold me back dig into my wrists making an imprint and after some struggling start to bleed.

“Now what is next… how she got there”

I am here by my own misfortune… I should have never trusted him….I knew it was the wrong thing to do…but no I had to go with the nice man with the nice car. Never to know that he was a killer and sadist psycho. He told me that I was special and that he didn’t feel this way with anyone else…But he bound and gagged me and I was just like everyone else…I was going to be left for dead when he got tired of me..

“Lets see there needs to be a climax…”

After many more days…not really sure how many I cant see and light in this room, just an estimate. I may have been 2 weeks maybe not even one day. But I knew I had to get out of here. So the next time he took me off of the chains and told me to sit on the floor and not look at him as he got ready. I took my chance… I ran out of that basement and as soon as I got to the top of the stairs…..

“Ah yes, suspense”

The light hit me so hard I feel to the ground… After a couple second and getting used to it I got up and ran out of the house, I ran to the gravel drive way, it ruff under my bear feet. I tired to run faster but he got me…. He took me and that was the last time I saw the light of day again…

“Ha! I bet that’s how she felt when I got her….Another award winging book to add to my collection… and another body to add to my garden…If only my fans knew how I got my inspiration…”

And as I say this, I walk into my basement, the one I just described as if it was through the eyes of my victim… So many victims have been down here… and I have written so many book about this. They think I have a good imagination…if only they knew

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