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Harmony Through Sadistic Eyes

Goodnight Lord, goodnight Jesus, I do hope you sleep tight and please donít let the bed bugs bite. Iíll keep the light on and Iíll keep the bed warm for you, but please let me slit your throat. Your blood dripping from my bed sheets would be my dream come true. Peeling your skin from your face is something amazing. They always say beauty is only skin deep, but you my friend, are so much more beautiful without your skin.
In my dreams I see your body; itís so cold and lifeless. Your legs pulled from your torso and your arms free to linger, it reminds me of everything I used to be. Kissing your lips is so much easier now that they have been cut from your face. I fall to one knee, grab your hand, ask you to marry me, but there is one problem; your lips are bottled up inside a jar.
I take my blade and cut you up. It will take one thousand pieces to fill my bag, and I must save two hundred to eat. Have you ever noticed that flesh seems to be natureís choice to eat. I absolutely love the taste of muscle when it has been marinated overnight. Now let me bottle your blood. Seven liters should last me a lifetime.
I really love the scent of your hair, I love the way it tickles my face. Everyday I miss holding your hand. You are my princess, you are my angel, and I canít wait to hold you for eternity. With your heart, you take my to another world, where dreams are real and reality is beyond belief. You hold my soul in your hands and you present me with an overwhelming challenge. I can never let you go. My heartstrings will never come undone with you in my arms. Every time I see your face, it is like a blind man seeing for the first time. You are an angel that fell down from heaven, and I am blessed to have you by my side.
Weíre lost in a dream. This essence of pure tranquility fulfilling every prophecy. Through the ashes of an empire rise the souls of the condemned. Marching into the fire, following the scent of flesh, praying that they might take a bite. Manmade dreams surround us, we are overshadowed by the achievements of man. We have been buried by our hatred for life. Use your eyes, look out the window. What do you see? Do you see the trees singing as the gently sway in the wind, or do you see the squirrels ducking and running as the traffic consumes them? The night time is the best time, with the starlight wishing us goodnight.
Everyday something extraordinary happens, but it fails to go noticed. A leaf falls from a tree and splashes into a new ocean of opportunities. A five year old girl sits and has a conversation with her porcelain doll. But these little things never result in a smile. The leaf is usually swept away, and possibly picked up by someone in a horticulture class. And the little girl is said to have mental issues, possibly because her parents abuse her.
As the world decays whose hand will you reach for? The hand of your lover, or the hand of your religion? The hand that holds your heart, or the hand of your drug of choice?
Hold our hands, God, please donít let go. Good always prevails but evil never dies. So who is the true victor? Earth did not begin with us, but it will end with us. We beseeched our home planet and made settlement here. Destroying this land which was once full of prosperity.
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