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Clear as Mud

In the center of the city, under the busiest overpass, inside of a small store, lived a most gorgeous woman. She was a wonder of all creation; a sight to be celebrated above all others. Her name was Hannah.
In a small hut, slowly sinking into the muddy wasteland of a tiny deserted village, lived a dirty, retired shopkeeper. He had lost his job thirteen days before, and subsequently moved into this useless area of no recognition. In his wake, he had abandoned a nonexistent reputation. The name of this sallow character was Dunlop.
For no particular reason, Dunlop decided he had better get his reputation back. He had, of course, always been oblivious to the fact that he had no reputation of any desirous quality, and, consequently, no way to retrieve it. Nonetheless, he travelled to the big city, and, without knowing any better, slowly ambled under the busiest overpass.
Hannah was busy mending her welcome mat outside of her store, when Dunlop walked by. He noticed her beauty, as anyone would who walked past, but did not act on the urge to offer his assistance. He had fixed many mats in his shopkeeping days, and thus had the experience required to collaborate with the young beauty in her demeaning labor. However, due to his lack of confidence, he continued his search for his missing reputation, and did not halt at her storefront.
Shortly after Dunlop left the presence of the luscious Hannah, she finished her mending, or at least, gave up trying, and walked back into her store. She did not ponder for a second the man with no reputation who had strolled past a moment before. She finished her duties in the store, and sipped from her large glass of ice water, which she had poured prior to beginning her tasks for the day.
Dunlop never found his reputation. Hannah never met Dunlop. A predictable conclusion to a predictable situation; it simply doesn't matter.
The End

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