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An Entrepreneur named Joseph

Ask and You shall Receive, Search and You Shall Find, Knock and the door will be answered!!!!
The Entrepreneurial Story
It’s the movies, the stars, the feeling of achieving something and the news of all the rich that drives a kid into a dream world of fantasy and thrill where he alone is king and accomplishes what he was born to do.
As a young boy I tried many ways in whatever means I could to achieve a profit without hurting / cheating another person…in my search for success…but its tough. …cause in business its hard to make money without doing something for a higher margin/ cheating so I was put off .
Gambling was a way I thought would help take all my worries away and it was for more than a year before I went through a very very rough phase in my life I finally realized if u put 10 bucks in the machine u will get back 1, if u win with ½ coins you should cash it and move on….also never play to win but to have fun …and get rich by gambling is true for the person who owns it not for you.
I then tried the stock market, which I was very proud of and would check my account daily to see how much I made daily. I was happy but this happiness was snatched away by an expense which I just could not avoid as it was forced by my parents. I sold all – in the next 6 months I went to look at my portfolio tracker which showed if I had not to sell I would have made 10 times more……today I know its worth 100 times more…….i feel bad….luck has sucked me dry
Not been lucky with draws/ raffles / money
They say destiny is what u make of it so I am going to give it another try.I have really good ideas I have approached Venture Capitalist, Private Investors, Friends, Family …but with no use. My ideas have always been used, by the companies or people who take all the information and then shun me away.
I believe I need one chance….just one, but I cannot get this chance without help from you
I am not selling you anything!
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If this works I will be very grateful to you and will publish my findings so that others like me on the verge of giving up, wont ever give up.

Best Regards
An Entrepreneur named Joseph

‘If there were no uncertainty no losses would be made. Risk is calculable, uncertainty is not.’

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