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The Black Mask II

Maeve gets out the first aide kit, "Luckily, we have lots of medicine". "Chris leave your brother alone"! - "Itís all right, mom". The baby always knows when weíre hurting or if weíre sad. He cuddles up to Brendan and gives him a big kiss. "Ow, ow, mom donít put anymore of that stuff on please"! "Bren, Iím sorry but we donít know what did this to you - I donít want it to get infected."

All three of them are shaking uncontrollably. Damn it what are we going to do - if I only had a car - then thereís a flash to Mary and Joeís van in the path!

"Mom - Iím so scared wha wha what are we going to do?" "We have to try to stay calm, Erin - I know itís hard". Christopher is jumping up and down laughing. "I wish I was 2 mom - then I wouldnít care"! - "Me too, Erin me too!" "I wish dad were here - he would know how to save us - what are you going to do Mom!?" "I canít take this."

More guilt - what are we doing to our children - if we were home - they would be playing with their friends having fun - here theyíre going to be psychologically damaged for life. I never felt safe up here - We have to do something - the cries were getting louder - and there is scratching at the doors and windows - whatever is out there - there must be at least 10 of them and only 3 and a half of us. - "Howís your leg Brendan"? "It hurts mom". "Do you think you could run on it if you had too?" "I donít think I could run too fast mom."

The only transportation we have besides the boat is roller blades, a tricycle and Erin and Brendanís bikes. They got them for their birthdayís last year. "Okay, kids, if those "animals" are hungry - lets see if theyíll eat our food instead of us!" "Iíll toss some bread out and if they eat it - we gather up all our food throw it out by the lake and weíll go out the back door grab the bikes and take off." "Itís our only hope." "Mom, thereís only two bikes and a tricycle." "Iíll carry the baby on your bike, Erin." "Brendan you can ride on the back of Erinís bike." "Mom, heís heavy - Iíll take the baby." "Okay - are you sure youíll be able to carry him and ride at the same time?" "Iím sure mom, I canít ride with fattie over there". "Oh shut up Erin go braless!" "Oh your so original, fattie". "Knock it off you two - this is no time to be fighting - I need all your cooperation." "Christopher get down - drink your juice."

Maeve goes to the breadbox and pulls out a loaf of whole wheat bread - she throws a piece out the door - and hears chomping noises - "Kids theyíre eating it. "Start gathering up all our food." They go to the freezer and pull out steaks, chickens, hamburgers, hotdogs, lampchops, pork, etc. "Itís a good thing Dad likes to cook, and we like to eat!" "Thereís left over tuna casserole, bread, fruit I have to keep some of this food if we end up riding for awhile." "Iíll carry a backpack with some juice boxes, fruit and cereal bars." "But lets gather everything else."

"Letís throw Brendan out - that will hold them over for awhile." "Erin, cut it out or Iíll throw you out." "Oh, Mom!"

"While Iím throwing the food out - Erin you get the bikes ready and the baby." "We have a baby carrier you can use." "Go upstairs into the closet and get it out". "Kids I want you to dress warm." "Put on your heaviest coats". "Erin put Chris in his snowsuit. "We have to think this thoroughly - we have to be prepared." "Put on your thinking caps kids is there anything else we should do?" "What if we have to go to the bathroom?" "Oh yeah, Erin, grab some diapers and wipes, thanks!" "Brendan, as for you thereís plenty of bushes out there!"

"What if thereís bears out there mom?". "Erin, thatís the least of our problems right now -maybe the animals will eat them and not us - letís hope there are some out there!"

The scratching gets louder and louder and the crying gets deafening. "We have to hurry - they probably smell all this food." "Brendan, you can help me throw the food - we have to be fast -open up that window and Iíll throw it out this window". They start throwing the food out - the crying ceases after all the food was thrown. "Run, Brendan!" "Hurry Erin start pedaling"! "Christopher itís okay", hop on Brendan we have to go fast!!!!!"

Come on, Come on someone answer, come on - youíre a police station for Christís sake! Zoom in on police station in mountains with a sign saying weíre closed for lunch.

All this damn traffic - Please God - Iíve got to make it to the lake - before itís too late.

As they were pedaling Maeve notices the van - oh my gosh - Mary and Joe!!!! She says to herself. Erin fell off her bike and hurt her ankle. "Mom I canít go any further the baby is too heavy." "Okay, Okay,". "Mom, thereís Poppy Joeís van!!!" "Were saved - why didnít they come to the house - mom why!" "Brendan, I donít know." "Erin get up - I know it hurts but we have to go" - "Ow ow" "Come here Chris, Iíll carry you." "Everyone run to the van!!!!!!!!!" The van doors were wide open. Luckily it was dark out. I hope and pray Mary and Joe got out of the forest in one piece - but if anything happened??Ö. The kids are already going to need months and months of therapy. "Get in the van everyone!" "Hurry."

Maeve jumps in the front seat - the keys are still in the ignition. "Mom, thereís no car seat for Christopher". "Donít worry Erin hold him in your lap and put the seat belt around both of you." "What about Poppy Joe and Grandma Mary, Mom" said Erin with tears flowing down. "Erin, why is Chris crying?" "Heís not mom". Just then Maeve turns around and sees a shadow looming over Christopherís head. "KIDS GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

All four jumped out of the van. The animal jumped out behind Erin and Christopher. Maeve throws the backpack at him and it viciously attacks it - eating all the food. "Kids get back in - Hurry"! They are all crying hysterically at this point. "Close the doors!"

One ring, two rings, Mountain Top Police. Finally. "You have to help me - my wife and 3 children are up on 6th Lake - on Route 505 - Iím worried about those animals that were on the news."

Iím on my way, but I have an hour more to go. "Okay sir, calm down thereís only been two reported deaths of humans". "The animals prefer bear meat." "I understand that, but I need to know my family is safe." "Did you try calling them." "No, they donít have a phone up there." "Sir, do you realize how dangerous that it is what ifÖ." "Look, I didnít call to be lectured, can you help me out here". "Weíll get a cruiser over there right away - what did you say the address was?" "Itís Route 505 #641 on 6th Lake." "Let me give you my cell phone number too itís 333-9399." "Thank you."

God damnit - forty-five more minutes!

Please Maeve, stay calm, donít tense up - go down that elevator, go down that elevator. Years ago I had to go to a hypnotist for fear of public speaking - he used a relaxation technique of a favorite place to think about. Mine happened to be going down the elevator at the Short Hills Mall by A&S. Go down the elevator - this is no time for another panic attack.

Just then Maeve turns her head to the passenger side and thereís she sees a shiny, black leathery mask. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHA "Whatís the matter mom - mom, mom, mom - whatís the matter with you - Mom!!! Drive the van." "I canít move kids, just sit put and lock the doors. "

"Go mom, go - you have to put yourself together - Drive the van - Mom, mom why arenít you talking!"

Suddenly, the cries start getting louder, and louder. There were a pack of these wild animals coming up to the van. "Mom do something, please." "Erin, what should we do? Can you drive"? "Oh yeah, right Brendan - thatís what they teach 5h graders how to drive your parents car." "You are so stupid I hate you I just want to go home!!!!!!!!!!" "Christopher stop crying - I canít take this." "Mom!!!!!!"

Just then Brendan heard it first - "I think I hear a car." "Stop teasing me you idiot - itís not funny!" "Iím serious Erin - listen." "Erin hears it too."

"Erin, itís a policeman!!!!!! Weíre saved!" Erin gave her brother a little smile! She gave the baby a big hug and kissed her comatose mother.

The policeman stopped his car. It was obvious these people are in trouble. He could see the animals scratching at the van so he rolled his window down and shouted. As he poked his head out the window an animal jumped on top of him. His screams could be heard for miles and miles as he desperately tried to fight off the ferocious animal - he almost freed himself until he was attacked by two more.

The kids can hear the radio from the cruiser. "Someone at the station is trying to call him. Maybe theyíll be worried and send someone else out, but what if they get killed too! Oh my God Brendan what will we do now!" The animals were scratching at the van. Their cries were getting louder and louder. "Mom, MOM - why wonít she wake up?" - "Sheís the parent - I donít know what to do" "Whatís that smell, Erin - did you fart?" "NO you big jerk I didnít!" "Oh, Oh, - itís Christopher! I have to change him" Erin changes the baby. Brendan is so scared he was right on top of Erin breathing in her face. Erin screams, "Cut it out Brendan!" and pushes him into the steering wheel as hard as she can. The horn blasts and Brendan starts screaming - as the horn blasts all the animals jump off the van.

"Hey space cadet!!!!!stop crying - look - theyíre afraid of the horn - keep honking it." As Brendan wipes away his tears, he cracks a little smile. But he wished his mom would wake up to make him feel better. Sheís always there for him when he doesnít feel good or if he gets hurt - now sheís just laying there. Mom, Mom wake up - but she is still slumped over the passenger side of the van.

"Brendan, honk the horn - keep honking". As Brendan honks the horn - the animals back further and further away. "Just hold the horn down - you nitwit!" Brendan holds down the horn. After a few minutes he sees his mom turn over, then she sits up with a jolt.

"Oh, my God whatís happening?" "Brendan, Erin, are you all right?" "Whereís the baby?" "What happened?" "Mom, you zonked out - weíre stuck in this van." "I thought I dreamed all of that - my poor children." "Mom, we figured out they donít like the horn, look, theyíre not coming near it when we honk."

"Mom, do you see that police car - they ate the policeman him!" "Oh no - kids Iíve got to back this van out of here - move over Brendan." Maeve gets behind the wheel and starts backing up the car - thereís no room for more than one car on both sides because there are big boulders and ditches. So very slowly, she backs out pushing the cruiser. "How am I doing kids - itís hard to see behind me?" "I think youíre doing good mom - keep going - keeping honking." She backs up and the cruiser ends up in the ditch. So she floors it out of the path onto the main street.

"We did it Kids!" "Weíre alive - we made it out of there!" They were all screaming and laughing and even Erin hugged Brendan! The baby was saying "YEAH!!" And clapping his little hands. "Iím going to go to the police station". Erin cries, "Mom, where do you think Grandma Mary and Poppy Joe are?" "I hope they made it out of there, Erin - letís say our prayers." They start praying "Hail Mary"ÖÖ. tears are streaming down Maeveís face.

Without knowing it, as they were driving away, Chris passes in the other direction.


Iím finally here - I hope Iím not too late. Oh thank God, the policemen are here.

Chris pulls in the driveway - thatís strange why is the police car in the ditch - with the door open. Iíll just go check the house out. Chris pulls up to the house. The door is wide open. Scared out of his wits he cracks the car window and yells out "Maeve, Kids, are you in there?" No answer. Louder "Maeve, Maeve answer me! please if anyone is in there answer me." No answer. Hesitantly, he grabs the gun, opens the door and quickly approaches the house. He hears Christopher crying . Oh thank God. "Christopher, Christopher itís daddy!!!!!!" As Chris enters the house, on the front porch lays another masks he doesnít see it as he anxiously rushes to get the baby. The crying seems to be coming from downstairs. So he takes two steps at a time and rushes into the living room. His eyes pop open wide when he realizes where the crying is coming from.
********************************************************************************************************************Maeve and the kids arrive at the Mountaintop Police station. They all run in out of breath. Maeve is carrying the baby. "Youíve got to help us please!. Okay, Mam, calm down - calm down." "Please we were chased by animals up on 6th lake - one of your police officers we think was killed by them." "What! Srgt. MaLone?" The police man gets a hold of the dispatcher - "send at least 3 cruisers right away to 6th Lake - Route 505 #64." "Make sure your guns are ready, one of our men is believed to be down." "Officer, Officer, - excuse me but they donít like honking of horns." "Okay, mam -Iíll tell them" - "and theyíll eat people food - thatís how we got out of the house, we threw all our food out to them and ran." "OK - mam - Iíll advise the officers. Thank you."

"Mam, I believe your husband called here before worried about you and your children." "He did?" "Yes, I think heís on his way."

"OH MY GOD - NO NO NO!!!!!!!" "Mommy, will daddy be all right?" "Yes, Brendan." Maeve starts to run for the door until the policeman grabs her arm and says, "No, mam, we wonít allow you to go." "You and the children stay here where youíre safe." My husband, I need to stop him!" "Mam, 3 cruisers are on there way, thereís nothing you can do." "Do you want to be killed?" "Your children need you right now"! "Okay, youíre right". Maeve is sobbing uncontrollably. "Take the kids down to the kitchen and get something to eat." "Thereís a room with two beds." They can take a nap." "Thank you, officer." "No problem." "Please, let me know if you hear anything", cried Maeve. "Certainly!" "Erin is holding the baby and she grabs her moms waist and says "itís OK Mommy", itís OK!"
As the three cruisers pull up to the lake, they can hear loud cries and scampering through the woods. They observe Sgt. Maloneís car in the ditch, but thereís no sign of him. As they pull up to the house, the cries get louder and then they hear the gunshots.

Bang. Bang. Bang. They see several shadowy figures approaching the car. They remember that theyíre afraid of the honking so they police man in the first cruiser starts blaring the horn, the other two offers do the same.

Chris blasts the beast with the third shot. Heís well aware there are others close by. He hears the cries getting closer, closer , and also hears the honking.
Mom, "Iím scared for dad and for Grandma Mary and Poppy Joe." Erin cries as her and her mother both start crying. Christopher and Brendan are sound asleep in the beds. "Iím scared too Erin, but we have to have faith." "Letís start praying, Our Father, who Art in HeavenÖÖÖ". They both continue praying holding each other tears rolling down their faces.
As the crying gets louder Chris hides in a closet. He puts more bullets in the gun.

The cruisers were alerted that Chris would be here. They see the beasts running towards the house. The front door is wide open. "We have to stop them." "Heís probably in there right now." "Stop blaring the horns!" "Maybe theyíll come back, at least weíre safe in our cars!" So they stop blaring the horns, but the beasts continue for the house. "Put the loudspeaker on maybe we can talk to Chris over the intercom." "Chris, if youíre in there, the beasts are approaching the house." "Hide somewhere safe, weíre calling for back up." "Your wife and kids are safe at the police station."

"We need backup immediately - send in as many cruisers as you can." "Gather up as much food as you can so we can avert their attention from Chris."

Chris could barely here what the police were saying. He heard something about the beasts, but thatís all he could make out. He remains hidden in the close, then he hears all the crying and scratching at the closet door. Can they get in here?
Ten more cruisers arrive loaded with coolers of food. The police get out of their vehicles, all with back up aiming their guns into the darkness. They carefully approach the house, hearing all the cries inside. They place the food in front of the house by the lake. "We have to get their attention somehow." "Bring the cars down here and weíll knock on the window, jump in the cars and take off."

Meanwhile in the closet, Chris is holding the door shut, but the animals are getting stronger and stronger. He feels heís losing his grip. Suddenly, it stops - the animals stop scratching. His palms are sweating profusely. He hears the beasts running up the stairs and out the door. Are they gone? Then he hears the intercom. "Chris if youíre in there, the beasts are temporarily distracted in front of the lake. We think theyíre all out of the house." "If you can, come out, weíll have you surrounded." "But you must hurry!"

Should I dare? What if theyíre all not gone. Iíll get the gun ready. Iíve got to be fast. Chris is breathing frantically. One, two, three, off he runs up the stairs. The first cruiser by the house throws the door open wide.

In Chrisí mind itís like a mirage when someone has been in a desert for a long time. Freedom. Just as he was running toward the car, he slips on one of the masks and falls flat on his back. At the same time the beasts were finishing their snack.

"Collins - heís down, get out and get him". Officer Collins jumps over through the passenger side of the car and drags Chris into the car. He hears the cries once again. "Donít worry Collins weíve got you covered". -They start blaring their horns and Collins drags Chris into the car and shuts the door.
"Thanks, Collins!" "No problem, letís get you out of here."

When the officers new Chris was safe, they stopped blowing their horns. The beasts started approaching the cruisers once again. One by one each of the pantherillas were shot down with several bullets until they were sure they were all dead.

So they thoughtÖÖ.

Meanwhile in the darkness a mother pantherilla is seen breathing laboriously and giving birth to a male pantherilla.
"Joe, are you all right - you fell asleep for awhile." "Yeah, Mary, how about you". "Iím cold and I hear lots of commotion going on out there, did you hear all those horns?" "Joe, weíve got to get out of here." "No, I didnít hear those horns, youíre right, Iím getting hungry".

"Do you have any more of that pepper spray, Mary?" "Just a little, I was so lucky I had that with me, Joe." "Carol gave it to me yesterday at work." "You heard about the break-in at the school this weekend." Well, she knew I was going in early this morning, when it would still be dark out." "I meant to take it off my belt because I didnít want the kids to get it". "But I just forgot." Well you sure took care of that wild animal!!!!!" "What do you think it was ?" "I donít even want to think about it, Joe." "Iím just glad you had your pocket knife so we could open up this old trailer." "Look at all those cobwebs." Now do you hear those horns?" "Yeah, how can we get their attention." "Lets start flickering the light," replied Mary.

Mary and Joe starting flickering the light. Sure enough Collins sees it. "Hey, I think weíre about to make another rescue." "Who do you think it is, Chris." "I couldnít tell you." " My parents arenít coming up until Thursday, maybe itís my sister, Sheila and her boyfriend." "Can I use your phone?" "Sure, go ahead".

"Hello" "Hi Sheila, itís Chris, is mom or dad there?" "No theyíre up at the lake." "What! I thought they werenít leaving until Thursday!" "No mom left a note." "She got out of work they left today." "I gotta go Sheila!" "Chris, Chris, whatís the matter." Click

They drive over to the trailer the whole time blaring the horn. A frightened Mary and Joe emerge from the trailer. "OH, thank God - can you stop blowing your horns?"

"No, mom, hurry, get in weíll explain later." "What are you doing here I thought you werenít coming until Thursday". "I got out early, Chris. "What are you doing here?" "I thought you went home!" "Where are Maeve and the kids?" So Chris goes on to tell the whole story to his parents.
The cruisers arrive at the police station. Maeve and Erin dropped off to sleep. Chris gently shook Maeveís leg. Standing in front of her were Chris, and Mary and Joe. They all start hugging and laughing with a triumphant celebration. Christopher, Erin and Brendan all woke up in the middle of the commotion. "Daddy, Grandma Mary and Poppy Joe!" The baby is clapping his hands and laughing and dancing. More hugs, and kisses!
Itís August 3, here we are on vacation, we didnít even have to pack. Weíre at home in our brand new in-ground pool! We thought about the ocean, but thereís those sharks, crabs, jellyfish, etc.
No more mountains for us, at least not until weíre all done with therapy. By then all the pantherillas will be long goneÖ.

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