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Angel The Lost Girl Part one

Once a yough girl lived in the poorest village in the world, she had 3 siblins and the best mother in the village.
Her name was Angel.One peacful day she went to the forest with her sister, Jenny, while the mother was aat home with her other siblins.Jenny was picking mushrooms and then she saw Angel getting taken away.She ran for her sister's life.She followed the footsteps and she was at a died end.She went back running and yelled "MOM MOM ANGEL HAS BEEN STOLEN.I FOLLOWED THE FOOTSTEP AND COULDN'T FIND HER MOM!!!".
Her mother told Jenny sinic she was already 18 and everyone eles was under 15 exept Angel was 20 that keep a eye on evryone and go to the pool or the store if i dont come back by night time remeber i love you all but if i say fire times then that mean its me.Jenny kissed her mom millons of times and huged her so did the other.She locked after her mom left.
"Pool Time!!!Get your swimingsuites and get your extras"Jenny yelled thourgh the house.
They went till 5pm and then went home and sleep but Jenny Stayed back the door, waiting for her mom to say Fire Times.Waiting hour by hour by hour waiting.
The next monring "Fire Times" a female voice said apond the door.YES!!!!Jenny's thought were filledd with her mom has came!
But when she saw her mom, she was riped up and burces was all over her blood on her face just a smile and a hug she came with hugging all her kids...then she told the most badest thing.She came to Angel and saw her raped.Then the man saw her and had raped the mom too.He said "eather you go home raped or prenet or your not going home..."
she said "fine raped me and leave my daughter alone.please jst leave her alone"
He taped her mouth and hands, took off her dress and his pants...
"ohh ahh yeah' she yelled but didnt tell her kids.
then he kick her out and untaped her.

Will be contained...
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