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push faster die harder

push faster die harder

what's the point in denying
yourself everything you want
it's awaiting but the conscience
mind just derieved the pain that
burns deep and doesn';t decline
(what's mine is mine so you
better leave it this time)

turn and run stop feeling
so low hopeing to hope
gotta let it flow show
everyone who you are
hiding scars to uncover
whats really inside

its tearing will cut
forceing you to shut
out the poison searing
amongst your wounded
viens placing the blame
to once again only
hurt yourslef

this obsession you crave
dying to rest, picking out
your own grave so long so far
losing yur soul its more
than you can control
to throw it away now
perfectly clear all you hold dear
is gone i just know that you
cant hold on (pushing faster
just so you'll die harder)
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