all i need | By: Gary Hill | | Category: Short Story - Rock Bookmark and Share

all i need

its raining again inside
a sense of feeling so divine
entwined in honesty and mistakes
we try to accept and fake the
force to take what we need to
feel stronger the longer it
happens the easier it is to not
regret all we've done

now were all falling down
unable to stop the constant
descent into darkness
i see no reason to leave
this place all i have is
right here amongst your

the confliction is drawing
near again the power has
overtaken weakness with
desperation, this arrived
in the form of the hurt
that spawned deep down
from the depths of hatred
(you knew it and couldn't
avoid it)

to try regain all the sorrows
in vain bring the pain so real
too close for comfort how will
this ever return all i have
learned becomes a burden to

all i can remember is you
forever turning the dark into
a spark of light to follow to
your unhollow soul

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