PERHAPS IT WILL 1975 | By: TERRY COLLETT | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share


Perhaps it will
be better next time
Mrs Ford said.

Benny had just got
in the saddle
and his shot his load

It happens
she said.

Benny withdrew
going red
and lay beside her
in the big double bed.

Got over excited
Benny said
usually I'm calm
and it takes a while.

Never mind
she said
just relax awhile.

It would take awhile
to reload after all
his pecker wasn't
some automatic
it was more like
an old musket
which took time.

she said.

he replied.

She offered him
a cigarette
from her pack
and lit it
and lay back.

When I first went
with my husband
he would shoot
his load before
he was onboard
the prick
he never was
much good
she said.

Benny lay there
inhaling the smoke
taking in
the drab curtains
in the cheap
hotel room.

He listened
to her talk
about her life
what it was like
being an idiot's wife.

All the while waiting
for his pecker
to reload and recover.

He pushed away
the thoughts of her
he had of her
being some small
kid's mother.

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