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Don't judge anyone by there cover

Let's get this started my name is Brianna. I'm 13 years years old here is the problem. I am the weirdest girl in school. OK maybe not that weird but still weird! People call me Brianna beaver. Do I look like a beaver to you! First things first I don't have beaver teeth second I don't have a tail so haters back down! Here are my friends ally Sofia and carson they are like the best of friends you'll ever have no seriously they are. So here let me point out these girls who think there queen's of the school I don't see anybody else "popular". The only thing I see is the lunch tables who each get individually labeled. Ohh like the emos so what there emotional everybody gets emotional right? Ohh also I see the gamers everybody likes a good video game in a while Right? But then there's us labeled as the misfits OK so we are pretty smart at least that's better then suffocating yourself in products that say there healthy for your skin but they give you more acne! OK so we were glasses and have braces and were smart but the name misfit I don't like I preferr being called geeks because the word misfit means no show to me and I am definitely not a no show I am a smart person. For all we know I could update my wardrobe and become a shiny glass slipper! OK so I'm a very awkward person but I have friends too Right? OK one of my friends ditched me last summer to eat lunch with the "populars''ever since she ate with them she hasn't Been herself. let's just say she's changed a lot since then...  But then I had an idea that was going to change the whole nastiness of girl world. and  embarrass her she had this one video locked up in a safe in her locker that no one even tried to access it was a girl she picked on for 5 years. I don't know why she keeped it to be honest she's kind of weird herself anyway I'm getting of topic! I had to think of a plan to jam in that locker with out getting caught by a teacher. Trust me that thing  was literally security maxed to make sure no none robbed it. Even non one wanted to! But one of my friends was head top student in computer class don't ask!:-)  she was a sort of state of the art good hacker I think?? Omg she jammed the lock what I mean by jam is unlocked in case you don't already know!!! Right before I got a chance to grab the usb... She grabbed me and my scrawny hands but couldn't fight back she caught me and through me on the dirty high school ground I laid there litterley balling my eyes out... "She said if you touch that usb your dead bones" that day I learned she's a bigger jerk then my friend that ditched me to be with them after that she never really botherd me again who am I kidding she picked on somebody else at a different school....


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