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Royal House Of Pretenders

Home is where the royalty is or home is where the bark is Oh! Please let’s stop pretending we think too much feeling lost but holding onto the dream on. We got a lot of living to do strong words you face it head on such high pitch society you know your limitations so well. Are we still the pretender making plans finding love again like everything is fine. Does it pay to be different unique but so out of your box your third eye of treasure sex on your mind? Always the forbidden fruit that one bad apple.But coming to terms with who you are let’s be realistic only time will tell but you're living in hell.

Do we play the game to our real shame? Our needs are worthy how we pretend to much. Like the song wearing our heart like a crown.

𝒫𝓇𝑒𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇𝓈 Oh Yes! the dream but were left all alone. But we have a heart like a crown but so many ups and downs. So many years pass similar vein feeling unwanted bleeding like a thorn seeing the signs like the day you were born. Those billboard signs wanted or on the run. Now you feel so cornered or unwanted wondering why we aren’t good enough. Not reaching your fame creatively speaking your plateau. This is serious and you know you're not having fun. So much crime you're in the heat its not your song you cannot hear the words to your beat.Cool


Things elude trying to be extravagant or over confident presumptuous do we all feel we deserve a merit. We are all human but sometimes we progress with anger hearing echoes full of illusions men and women full of fantasies cannot see things for what they really are. Your words have no guidance it’s blindsided blind eye of rage or the third eye your life turning another page. But we still believe everything around us is going to be okay. But its an eve of destruction why is our happiness so hard to find.Trying so hard to stay in the socialite attempting so hard to impress affecting greater importance but we are still back where we started the great pretenders.We are climbing up to the top tower all games what a clan of cults and religious freaks. Needing more love how we find our happy “Medium Culture” True Pledge born to be writers not trying to be better than others.What a strong bloodline all in the brave and bold family. Feeling rebellious but craving so many things can be dangerously delicious.

How God Created Women 𝒢☯𝒹 𝒞𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉𝑒𝒹 𝒲💗𝓂𝑒𝓃


Women shine derived light from man the women is the image so powerful of God Be fruitful and she keeps multiplying herself the earth like the fish of the sea the birds way over the sky everything moves beautiful balance shape and form the women carved magically like the tree of life.


˜”*°• Magical Men Amazing Powers •°*”˜


Or the “Gods Pretender” like Black Magic supernatural these men reputed how they possess amazing magical powers or levitation or the never aging or facing the La La land endless alternatives do we play pretend or true tales how they set an example in all our lives.

How to recognize the distinctive set of characteristics to be Sacred like anyone else reflect on your relationships on your true being that’s your life. Who you feel drawn to. But how often we feel short of perfection do we got what it takes. What is our drive and purpose let’s stop pretending this is the fallen world and its full of disappointments. Let’s find what you really need to do with better engagements.


Born like a creature of the wild with talent to roar. You A’int nothing but a hound dog too many impersonators Elvis likes. Not so high classed.To way out of A skirt line not you're fit to be fancy caviar bite. Doing the same things over and over biting your lips of boredom.Wanting to sing but everything become’s foreign in other terms “You A’int no friend of mine” sitting at the bar getting wine your face is gleaming so pompous bring out your best attributes but his body movement throws you a curve what a face heads and tails tune. Seeing right through his exterior. Who is the one in charge?

Like the name game, where does it lead us? Who is the one behind the doubt of uncertainty no face only a mask?That lack of self-worth inferior complex.To be or not to be like the Hamlet valiant soldier desperate internal battle sovereignty on one’s soul. How did this become our job of our leadership? We question our own motives.Sitting so fit to the Queens chair.The face looks really to the heights perfect. Like he was rewarded by her smiles and he felt showered in her light. Out of touch with one another face weaknesses melancholy. Dreams turn into ambitions or more like ourselves but canker of nature.

Hamlet’s own ambition we are all bounded in a nutshell. But looking at her face you wouldn't think she was showered by crime but somehow things can change. There was no other signals coming from her telling him that she was anything different than what she was. How could he ever think of having a personal relationship with her? Opening up new door our prayer new birth but a “Re-birth key” not a true traveler. But more frequent being threatened to try to swim into your disastrous waves the Key West not always the best plans. So pretentious people can be feeling baked like a Key Lime pie.Things turn bittersweet how you just get a taste for something the high life but the cake spoils but your mind get more spoiled and dangerous beyond anything you could imagine.


The life full of possibilities all goes with too many responsibilities are we all pretenders or trying to be New Age inventors. Its when someone makes an offer you cannot refuse thinking it will really help your situation it made her look at his kind offer in a different still life feature lucid like dream. How we perceive people he’s no Lordship all Mercedes Benz with fake license plates. Looking into to many mirrors on the wall not the fairest of them all. Is this your debut on the movie set everyone is competing for the role what players more struggling actors you see them in all your cross country Diners. Are we the Royal house of moon shiners not who we appear to really be.

The tips are rewarding but you are still the face walking being tricked like a gambler looking for the piece of the pie bets. You could see for miles like a magician but life is always an illusion hear the saying never know what you got until it's gone.How we really want so many of our precious things back that mean the most to us. Just when you think you know it all it comes back to you. Let’s be really quite the contrary it can be haunting and it could be your biggest nightmare or fall. She saw this most exquisite Victorian house but she pictured him more in a Ranch style fire lit Brett house. This phrase Dog is Man’s best friend like that US Marine coming home his beagle dog so ecstatically happy to see his owner and this adopted dog saves an infant child such inspiring stories but this is not the world we really live in.


Like the owners look so much like their dogs the English bull dogs such love and honesty frisky and friendly but gloomy face such challenging mug. How we challenge everything. But very determined to do something personality firm sticking to it. How owners look so much like their dogs. We are so 𝐻☯𝓉 𝒹𝒾𝑔𝑔𝒾𝓉𝓎 𝒹♡𝑔 the mere exposure effect only the eyes of the dog their accuracy rose to 74 percent what a Great Gatsby of the Great Danes. Drinking at the London pubs with your Labs or Pretty in Pink designer poodles. Miss Wither-spoon Reese Illegals rather an interesting choice adopting beagles. Always on the internet so much to Google.

There would be no strings attached but it left her with trust issues and that’s what we all seem to bear. Not trusting who a person tight hug really is. Feeling guilty bringing roses those guilt trips. How many people are really who they are to help us. People often weren’t who they seemed. Especially when there is a truth so generous gesture.

Like the top of the Golden Gate bridge April fools bride was starting to fog her spirit but you could just feel something changes the promise wasn't acting upon her like the beauty of the Indian summer of flowers blowing like the Goddess of winds. Felt like a kid masquerading all pure laced gloves to the Mad Hatter tea party but it wasn't exactly a tea party. How they entered all fake people hard as leather bad to the bone their faces done with plastic surgery. This wasn't exactly Hollywood not looking like they should look. The servants weren't who they appeared to be. When they served the tea or coffee so many devious flavors came about that when you tasted the different blends they felt all syrupy not a true pick me up the perky coffee flavor.

The Queen is alive, not dead not a true fit for the Royalty cup for a Queen. There was no way she could fake this level of fun it was more love unleashed by cheaters felt so distressed. Everyone’s face looked worn out like someone played them as a Poker face. Thinking how many people steal our Identity they became us and who are we do we have our dignity or did everything became Russian Roulette a game the name game.

All the praying will not lead us to our home of worship. Who puts a claim 1690 English throne humans take a risk adverse Democracy or meritocracy when our intentions are good or bad things get to be unjustified like false statements. We come together with two Identity choices what really real or are we caught inside a world of fake so many impostors. But governed with respect but the stakes active claim of deception and despair. Do we come out winning like were creatures of all different affairs. But there was no price on daydreams we all dream on about the homes we really want. How it would be like to live here___or somewhere__the suburban security new friends new life all in the circle of things to come. It was opened up to the French charm doors she was beginning to remember how passion was ten times better than peace. Maybe we will never get to realize who we really are but at-least we realize we have a good roof over our heads we must really believe trailing her finger down his cheekbone to the ankle of his inviting jaw how something mirrored in her own look of love eyes that was real. Something you could only see what is real in a person’s eyes you just know. We all know the truth eventually. She turned to face him the lock of hair fell across her cheeks she leaned closer to kiss him on the mouth she said yes I want that very much that was as real as it was going to get.





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