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Platinum Jewelry Rarity, Durability

It does not tarnish or wear out like silver or gold. For these reasons, platinum makes an excellent, if expensive, material for jewelry. Because of its rare and durable qualities, only platinum was declared “fit for a king” by 18th century King Louis XV of France. Pure platinum is not malleable, so platinum is mixed with other metals, such as gold in order to make platinum jewelry.

Understanding the language of jewelers can help consumers make informed decisions when shopping for platinum pieces. Consumers can think of classifying platinum like they do gold jewelry. 24-carat gold and 14-carat gold are both called gold, but they have different percentages of the pure metal included in the piece. Platinum is assigned numbers according to its purity. The standard in the past for high-quality platinum jewelry in the United States has been 950 platinum. The 950 number refers to the parts per thousand. This means that ninety-five percent of the solution is pure platinum.

The other common percentage was eighty-five percent or 850 platinum. With economic struggles, the price of jewelry made of this high-quality platinum has made it prohibitively expensive for some people, reducing sales. Jewelry manufacturers have begun making a more affordable platinum line that is 585 platinum (or 58.5% pure), a much lower percentage of pure platinum. The heavyweight and durability of platinum are making it the prime choice for engagement and wedding rings. You can select and purchase platinum rings at Prongs made of platinum will hold diamonds in place for a lifetime, rather than having to be built up or replaced every ten years or so like gold. Platinum jewelry is heirloom quality because of its durability and rare beauty. Its whitish gray color makes it an excellent backdrop for any stone. However, it is also beautiful as a smooth polished surface or engraved in a design. The finish is more subtle and modern than flashy gold, but stunning pieces have been created by using both materials.


Platinum jewelry is not limited to engagement and wedding rings. Chains, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for men and women are created using this remarkable precious metal. The price of platinum is usually higher than that of gold, sometimes as much as double. However, when industry levels fall, such as in a major economic slump, the prices can fall below gold, giving consumers a price break.

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