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Tragedy With Valentine


Tragedy with Valentine

“Hello World! I am Rahul” the first ever output I produced with the help of programming. During the four years of my Computer Science and Engineering though I was very poor with my academics, but I learnt five different languages, new technologies, got prize from IIT’s. Actually, I hate old academics syllabus. Faculty members of my college were so impressed with my work that at the time of placement I was placed in Web Infotech Solution, one of the fastest growing software company in India. In the First month it’s hard to manage office as a fresher but as the days was going on, I was also learning oiling the manager, a strong relation with team leader and finally working smart than working hard. I had just one goal at that time to earn money more. It took almost six months for my first promotion from developer to team leader. The pressure of work was less at the position and I was bound with the schedule of 10-6. I was enjoying the busy office days too. I love to wake up at 9o’clock. From doing brush to brush up for office it almost takes thirty minutes, then rush for the bus. Finally, a short run from destination bus stop to the office with the formals and I-Card hanging around the neck. After the successful check in at the office premises my daily routine was to do breakfast in the canteen with a cup of coffee and snacks. As soon as the office hours over I used to go to a tea stall nearby and after taking cigarettes and one cup of tea return to my rented 2 BHK apartment in Kolkata alone but Adi, Ankur and Nil, my best friends used to come every weekend and we used to enjoy whole Saturday night in the pubs, bars sometime in restaurants. Everything was sorted without girlfriend. It’s not that I wasn’t interested but there was no one I found like Anamika, in short Anu. She was my one of the best friends from Higher Secondary education. Though we were from different department and school but the tuition of common subjects we used to go together. During my college days also she used to take care of mine. Though I hadn’t so called couple feelings for her, but I liked her at that time. We used to call hours and hours to share our self, during vacations of college and office when I used to go home, I like to spend time with her. I don’t know how I started loving her such way, most probably the worst decision I have ever taken. Everything was going right till two month ago when I called Anu and told her I was fed up with the daily office schedule and wanted to start up a business with Adi and Ankur. She told me that her parents already in search of a right candidate. After hearing that I realized that I love her. It really hurts when you realize that you love somebody, being unaware of your feelings and the person is telling you about going to spend rest of the life without you. That day I disconnected the call early by introducing office excuse but I didn’t sleep through out that night, I started thinking a lifestyle without her and it was like a horrible dream though there were few peoples in my life to take care of me. The very next day I resigned from my office as I had enough money, earned in last five years to invest in the sixty percent of the business share. I called Anu at night and I told her about my feelings on her and the resignation letter I submitted to office. She neither accepted my proposal nor ignored at that time.

“So, you did it finally right?” She asked.

“Yes, finally.” I replied with a sigh

“What about the next plan? Are you going to apply for another job or want to focus at the start up?”

“No more job. Am completely frustrated with the life of 10-6 schedule. Now all I want is a long vacation with you.”

“You Know my parents, they will not permit that.”

“Don’t you think that you should now speak to your parents about us. Come on yaar Your parents are also seeking for a right candidate for your marriage.”

“What I will say now? I want to marry a jobless man and want to go for a vacation with him?”

“Ok, great then. You hadn’t any problem when I told you that I am going to leave the company and want to start a new business. Now it’s the most challenging part for you to convence your parents about us because I left the company.”

“Calm down Rahul. I will talk to them after you start the business.”

“I think you are the most insecure right now about me. At least you could speak to your parents about us and ask some time from them till the settlement of my own company.” While saying this I didn’t noticed that the call disconnected already. I started taking weed joints. Somehow, I was humiliated without any reason and I promised myself not to call on that number again. So, I deleted the number in anger. Another mistake I did. Finally, after the successful investment we started agricultural seeding business. Adi and Ankur was taking care of the production level and I was taking care of the sales and marketing department. They shifted to my rented apartment in Kolkata and everything was going almost alright. Though I missed Anu a lot but it didn’t hampered my business. A week before I was in the Sunday night party with Adi, Ankur and Nil at the farm house in our village as after a long time Nil came back from Bangalore. There I got a call from an unknown number.

“Yes, who is this?”

“Oh! Now you can’t remember me too?”

The same soft, worried voice I am familiar with. “Anu?” I replied.

“Yes. Are you busy or drunk? Then I can call you later”

“Not at all. I am free. Any problem?”

“Nope, everything is sorted. At last the day came.”

“Of which?”

“Next Sunday I am going to marry with Koustav.”

“Oh really? Let me guess, umm you want to make me come to your weeding, right?”

“You are so fast this time too. Actually, yes that’s why I called you.” This might be her last reply, but I was just out of control after knowing that she is going to marry and because of that I disconnected the call and switched off the mobile. Though all were enjoying the party I left the place immediately. With a bottle of whiskey and some stuff. Adi noticed me and joined with me after a while with Ankur. After being drunk Nil already slept in the sofa. I discussed the whole matter with them, and they were surprised to know that I am in love which is about to expire within a few days. They tried to boost me  up but you know it’s the most worst feeling ever. They told me to join her marriage ceremony. I can’t remember what happened next. Next day morning I called Anu and asked about her would be husband and I came to know that he is a banker and have the power of government employee, that’s the only necessity for a middle-class marriage. Though he was handsome, but I was a little jealous of it. It’s been a hour almost we talked to each other that day because maybe both of us knew that this is the last call. Finally, she invited me and my partners at the marriage hall for her marriage ceremony. I didn’t stop myself from crying that day sitting at a corner of the office cabin. “Cry Rahul till when you are not feeling better. I will not stop you this time. Don’t be depressed, we are there.” Adi said by patting my shoulder. I came back to the apartment late night being drunk, without having dinner So, started vomiting after a while. Ankur took me to the bed and I was senseless. In the morning when I woke up I found no one in the apartment. I made my breakfast with bread-butter with a glass of hot milk. After a hour or two both came back and told me that we are going to Shimla in the first week of next month. Forgetting everything I was exited for the trip because there were only nine days left. These are my real best friend. Keeping all the problems aside of the business they were trying to make me happy. Next four days I did my job as usual and I was very happy to see that the business is growing fast. Each day at night I started remembering the seven promises as we did casually to be loyal for each other, not to leave one another in any situation, sharing ourselves, saving each other from danger, Taking care of each other, to be the strength of each other and honesty. Maybe we were child enough because of what we had no idea about the reality and bitter truth. I could remember all the time we spent at the coffee shop, tuition, afternoons we spent beside the river everything. At last the disaster came with the Sunday night. I went to the ceremony after being drunk with Adi and Ankur as I couldn’t see the marriage of Anu with Koustav in front of my eyes. It was well decorated hall with flowers and balloons rented by her father for her marriage. I was so drunk that my feeling was like watching all the ceremony in a display. After a moment I went to the toilet and start vomiting. Adi and Ankur was just outside of the toilet waiting for me. When I came back after freshening Anu with her bridal makeup held my wrist and pulling me towards a room in front of them. Maybe it’s the makeup room. She locked the room from inside. “You never tried to hold my hand like I did today. Always set me free and look where are we now? You never did any mistakes before but at last…” while speaking all these I noticed tears in her eyes. After a moment I could feel her deep breath near my nose and the soften touch of her red warm lips to my lips. It seems to be she kissed me or I did by being senseless I can’t remember, but her perfume raised the level of my intoxication. I couldn’t see anything in front of me neither can feel only a strong combustion around my throat I could feel. I can remember last few words by her “I know you are drunk…” “You will never try to know what happened.” “Be happy”. I was unable to look at her for the last time. Because of that strong combustion in the throat I was in search of water for a while and I sat down in the floor, I can remember that I was coughing badly. When I got my sense back I was surprised to find myself in the hospital bed next morning and both of my friends lying in the sofa beside my bed.
















The story of Rahul, Anamika, Adi, Ankur and Nil just started. A lot more to go. A lot of questions Rahul must sort out, a lot of characteristics he has to find out from known faces. Will his Shimla trip be the successful? Is there any truth he is unaware with? Let’s see what he come across in the next part.

Thanks readers, for taking out your valuable time for reading the story. I hope you enjoyed and excited for the next part. Wishing feedback from you.

With Love,

Koushik Saha




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