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The making of rainbow butterfly unicorn kitty

Once a upon dream 



14 teen boys and girls are going to the funrise animaton studio to make a new tv show on nickaloden its called rainbow butterfly unicorn kitty. maya anderson is playing felichty and zack read is playing miguel and dora roberts are playing althea and liz wack anderson maya's sister is playing yana. and the rest of those kids are playing all of the people in myticlandia. the funrise storyboard team draw the scenes in the episode like pot luck and all these kind of shows. so after the story board people draw pictures of those chartcters. and they make the scenes. And at the funrise toy factory they made so many rbuk and wonder park toys. when at the funrise toy fair two teen girls saw the rbuk bedroom. and when they did some songs it was a little bit musical. And kids watch it on nickaloden.


                                                                                       so that's the story about it see you at the recording studio good bye.

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