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My Time In the World's Greatest Navy Part 1

On October 27 1982, I entered the Recruiting Office located at the Southern Hills Mall. I signed a few papers and took the Entrance exam. not being tthe most intelligent young lad, I could either enter the Navy with a garunteed school or unrated and roll the dice and hope a trade would fall into plaace. I took the Mess Management Specialist A School (A school to become a cook.

After all was said and done, I went home and told Mom and Dad what I had just done, needless to say, they did not believe me. I told them you will see I am telling the truth when Dan Chytka stops by Monday evening so you can give me permission to enlist.

Monday came and this White Navy Sedan pulled into our driveway.

Dad and Mom went outside and shook his hand and invited him in.

As they sat, he explained to them all the forms he needed signatures for in order for me to ensentially and eventually become Government property,

I was also signed up for the Delayed Entry Program, which would allow me to take up to a year before I left for Bootcamp.

So my departure date would be June 27 1983.

Dan looked at me and said you need to stop doing drugs 45 days prior to you leaving so your initial urinalysis will come back clean.

Mom and Dad looked at me and asked "Are yu doing drugs?" 

I replied back to them by shrugging my shoulders and a shit eating grin.

The funny thing about this whole thig is David (my brother), Rusty Whitlock, Mark Newby and Rick Seibold all said they were joining the World's Greatest Army, none of them did.

I said I had no interest in joining the military.

Yet I was the only one who was leaving in June to join the World'sGreatest Navy.

So now in June my new and unpredictable life will begin.

I know made a post that I have lived a 100 years of experiences in my 54 yers of life, you will soon read what I was referring to.



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